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Social Media Outraged Over Delayed Justice for Dr. Nimrita Kumari

Cries of outrage are soaring through Pakistan over the delayed justice of Dr. Nimrita Kumari, a 4 year medical student who was found dead in her hostel room in Larkana.

When Will Dr. Nimrita Kumari Be Served Justice

Dr. Nimerta Kumari, a fourth-year student at Bibi Aseefa Dental College located in Larkana Karachi, was raped, murdered and then was left to rot in her hostel room. According to the police and medical reports, the soon to be graduate allegedly committed suicide, but her elder brother, who is a well-reputed senior teacher at Dow Medical College and a is a doctor himself, ruled out these claims at the time.

Few months back when news about her death went viral social media folks demanded justice for Dr. Nimrita Kumari, after his family failed to admit that Nimrita would have done suicide.

The vice-chancellor, when asked to comment on the matter, said the student had committed suicide, and there was nothing they could do, but the postmortem report revealed a different story. According to reports, the young victim was raped and then strangled to death before the killers staging the crime scene to look like a suicide.

They Are Asking VC to Resign

“The vice-chancellor should be ashamed of herself, and if there is any ounce of decency left in her should resign. How could she give such a statement before the completion of the investigation “says, one Twitter user. If she refuses to resign, the government should kick her out the user added.

According to media reports, there is a very prominent rape culture present in Sindh, and surprisingly the most prominent place where rapes occur are educational institutions like universities where females are often prayed on. The culprit almost every time manages to escape justice. If such a culture is allowed to persist, the situation will deteriorate further.

Why Is Justice Being Delayed

There is ample proof showing what happens to the victim and even hint towards the people who may be responsible, so why is an official inquiry being delayed. The more the delay, the less likely the chances of justice being delivered.

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