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Meet Dr. Shahzad Mirza- A Super Dentist In Lahore

The public health sector in Pakistan is not much developed. The conditions are even worse regarding dental health services which are relatively expensive.

HoursTV has talked to Dr. Shahzad Mirza who practices in dental aesthetics and whom people call the super dentist, to take an overview of how a state of the art dental clinic in Pakistan operates.

Super Dentist In Lahore- Dr. Shahzad Mirza

Doctor Shahzad Mirza did his masters in Aesthetic Dentistry from Kings College London, His father who was also a dentist was the dean of Fatima Memorial Hospital, founded this business which is running for 45 years. Working in the field for more than four decades have made their dental clinic equipped with a robust team of experienced professionals, each catering to a specific field of dental health.

Dr. Mirza is known as a super dentist because he is practicing modern day dentistry, particularly including the field of dental aesthetics, after getting training in London.

“I offer what the world is offering that’s why I call myself a super dentist.”

The dental clinic of Dr. Mirza has a team working under his father’s supervision and it has all the departments. He claims to offer the services for the people of all ages, starting from kids to adults including minor surgical operations, treatment of a toothache, and gum disease and performing surgeries for facial aesthetics.

Practicing Non-Invasive Dentistry in Pakistan

What makes Shahzad Mirza stand distinguished among his peers is that he practices the most non-invasive dentistry called minimally invasive dentistry.

While elaborating on his portfolio, Shahzad Mirza said, “we are discovering most part of the dentist surgeries which are taking place and we have vast experience.”
“We have the specialist from every field of dentistry starting from kids to adults. We give most of the services under one roof”, he added further.

Dr. Mirza uses the most modern and research-based method for treating his patients. He utilizes the technique which is proved to be effective in the world.

How A Super Dentist in Lahore Achieves Customer Satisfaction

By talking about how he manages to achieve customer satisfaction Dr.Mirza told that he treats his patients as he is treating his brothers and sisters and everybody sitting on the chair is probably related to him.

“I just want to alleviate their pain I don’t tell them what I can’t do.”

I can do my best and hope that it turns out to be the best treatment for them.”

So, patients can expect from Dr.Mirza to advise them about any complex treatment like dental implants is safe to choose or not.

A Dentist Who Is Also A Smile Maker

Apart from dealing with issues of a toothache, Dr. Mirza justifies himself as a super dentist in Lahore for being a smile maker.

By talking on how people in the country are becoming conscious about aesthetics of the smile he said, “Lot of people know about good smile makeovers they get to know they have spaces within the teeth or they don’t look nice even if they have pretty face.”

“I am continuously going abroad to enhance my professional knowledge. I take a lot of international conferences and get my hands on workshops (about facial aesthetics).”

An Active Marketer

Dr. Mirza also adheres to the title of super dentist in Pakistan because he is skilled in modern techniques of facial aesthetics like dermal fillers and Botox. He is aware of the fact that Pakistani people are becoming more conscious about aesthetics, hence he actively markets his work to reach out the people who want to have an aesthetically appealing smile.

By talking on whether a doctor or a healthcare professional should actively market the services or not, Dr. Mirza said, “it is all about marketing It is about health care. I am marketing on social media and I think this is the way forward. There is no way you innovate and let them know. So, I always sell myself. I do a lot of marketing.”

A Message for the Viewers

Finally, Dr. Mirza gives a message to the viewers that they shouldn’t wait for their problems to aggravate and must pay a visit to any dentist at least once a year to have a thorough examination.

Dental surgery is quite a sensitive procedure and must be handled with care and same goes for the facial aesthetic treatments like Botox and dermal fillers. Therefore, patients looking for the treatment must consult a well-trained professional who is equipped with the knowledge of latest techniques.

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