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Dragon Drive System to Make Cars Smarter

The Nuance Communications is introducing a revamped Dragon Drive System for the all new van Chrysler Pacifica. The company will use it as a test case to prove its point of improved voice recognition capabilities.

The van has a touch screen fitted with a new microphone array, enabling it to listen to all six passengers of the van. The use of Passenger Interference Cancellation conveniently cancels the background noise and shuts down the listening on other mics. The new system, therefore, engages with only one passenger or the driver at one time.

Dragon Drive System – A Lot More Than a Technology Upgrade

The company understands the future for this kind of technology in vehicles. Therefore, the use of artificial intelligence brings in a lot of advancements. The combination of speech recognition with natural language processing helps improve contextual understanding. Furthermore, this approach helps humanize the entire approach.

The company for the last couple of years has been experimenting with machine learning and deep neural networks. The technology helps better train the voice recognition systems. The new changes improve the levels of engagement between technology and passengers of the van.

It is important to understand how context works in the upgrade to Dragon Drive System. The technology in the van uses previous speeches, texts, car metrics, and intentions to refine execution of commands. This system may eventually support the driverless car technology.

Examples of the Use of AI in Dragon Drive System

Fuel Alerts

For example, you may ask the van to guide you to a particular destination. However, you do know that it does not have enough fuel. It will issue a visual alert letting you know that you need to add more fuel to it so you can make it to that far. The Dragon Drive System will also ask you if you require assistance in finding the nearest fuel station.

Find Parking Spaces for You

You can also ask the Dragon Drive System to find parking spaces for you on your way. You can give specifics about the time when you needed parking and a garage which could accept a particular type of payment system. The Dragon Drive System will use the information available to it to find a parking slot for you.

Nuance, the company behind Dragon Drive System is already working with big automotive names to perfect the technology. Companies like Chrysler, BMW, and Ford are going to have the Dragon Drive System in the future. The company sees more of these automotive giants using this technology in the next couple of years.

The Dragon Drive Messaging lets you dictate emails and text messages. BMW argues that the system provides you with a safe and better way to communicate while driving on the road.

A Quick Review of Dragon Drive System Features

The system supports over 30 languages. The Dragon Drive System speaks most of the commonly spoken Western and Asiatic languages.

The users can integrate content from different sources. They can get information on stocks, sports, commute times, and dinner reservations.

The sophisticated connectivity between driver’s smartphone and their car’s head unit makes the experience a lot more personalized. Examples include integration, and service and over-the-air updates.

A human-like voice humanizes the whole experience, transforming it from talking to a robot to conversing with a human-like character.

The ability of the system to identify unique voices of the drivers and passengers to adjust its different settings accordingly. The configuration adjustment may relate to side mirrors, seats, and temperature.

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