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Driverless Cars – Reality or Fantasy

Driverless cars have been the talk of the town for a lot of time. Many companies including Tesla and Google have been worked on making autonomous vehicles. There can be many arguments for and against these driver-less cars. We need to understand why these driverless cars will increasingly become a necessity.

The Road Congestion Problems We Face

Congestion is a serious problem faced by major urban centres throughout the world. There can be so many reasons for congestion and we are not dwelling into those. But we know that too many cars on the road can create serious traffic problems. Driverless cars are supposed to take that congestion off the road and make our lives a lot smoother. This is where driver less cars with their advanced road navigating features can help.

Complex Road Infrastructure Makes Driving Difficult

Road Infrastructure Makes Driving Difficult

The roads are not easy to navigate. Some of the roads always have something going on them like construction work. It is not easy for us to keep track of the roads overall changing condition. Driverless cars with updated information on the road’s condition can significantly help reduce accidents. Also, the changing weather situation is something we as humans may not proactively think about. Self-autonomous vehicles will be charged with sensors to know the amount of risk involving travelling on a slippery road on a rainy day.

Driving Related Stresses To Cope With

Let us face it. Driving is a tedious task. It takes a lot of mental effort going from point A to point B. We as humans are not always mentally free to think and concentrate on driving. Many times, road jams make our lives miserable. Also, we may become ill and irritating because of increasing road stress. Driverless cars make our lives easier by taking that road stress away from us. This is one thing which would help us focus on other things in life.

Driving Car Yourself Reduces Personal Efficiency

If a regular car commuter is given the two options, one to drive their way to work themselves and the other to be driven by someone else, they would mostly choose the second option. Travel long distances by car and driving yourself seriously reduces your personal efficiency. Imagine if the car takes care of itself, you could use that time somewhere else doing something productive. One way of improving personal efficiency is introducing driverless cars.

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