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Dubai Shopping Festival- An Entertaining Way to Start Your New Year

Here comes the season of festivity, entertainment and fun as the year is wrapping up and the world is entering in 2019. While, people are flocking to popular holiday destinations in the world, they must not miss out the element of universal appeal in making this decision. What can better appease to the taste of shopaholics and fun-lovers, other than Dubai Shopping Festival that surely beats anything in term of its universal appeal.

Let’s have a look at what you can get out of this famous New Year’s festivity.

All About Dubai Shopping Festival

One month long event is a heaven for shopping enthusiastic who look for the perfect time to buy their favorite brands. While shoppers are the major beneficiary of the event, the Dubai Shopping Festival is not all about availing massive discounts. The event that begins from December 26 and ends in January or mid-February is not a shopaholics’ delight only; it has got everything for the men, women, youngsters, kids, and senior citizens.

A Way to Kickstart New Year on High Note

Yes DSF is not just a way to avail the best deals on top fashion brands, It is more about fun. Just imagine starting your new year by seeing the wonderful fireplay or watching spectacular scenes at light bathed Burj Khalifa. 

While Dubai is famous as top sight for new year celebrations an interesting thing about this Desert city is that its fireworks continue for one week or so. So, attendants of Dubai Shopping Festival get a chance to amuse themselves from an extended period of new year festivities.

Explorers’ Delight

You may want to boycott Dubai Shopping Festival thinking that it does no good except promoting consumerism? Well, this is not the case. In fact, DSF gives explorers’ and travelers a chance to check out the malls, shopping centers, restaurants, and indulge in activities like Desert Safaris on discounted prices. So, if you are only interested in discovering the inside of Dubai and being a part of activities that this city is famous for instead of shopping for the brands then go ahead. 

An Ultimate Entertainment

Apart from shopping, discounts, fireworks and New Year’s Eve fun Dubai Shopping Festival has lined up several concerts as well. Further, there are different contests and competitions that various malls are holding in their capacity. Hence, there is chance for visitors to win some wonderful prizes valued in millions of dollars.

Briefly, it is also a way for you to try your luck. 

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