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Duchess Of Sussex Has Given Birth To A Baby Boy

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are now parents. The Duke of Sussex while talking to the media at Buckingham Palace confirmed that the Duchess of Sussex is out of labor and is doing fine. He further informed the press that Meghan Markel had given birth to a perfectly healthy baby boy.

Duke and Duchess of Sussex about Their Royal Baby

Prince Harry announced the birth of a healthy boy whose name has not been chosen yet. The prince repeatedly expressed his excitement and stated that more details regarding the young prince would be released later on after they have celebrated their child’s birth privately.

The newborn price is the seventh in line to the throne and is the eighth grandchild of Queen Elizabeth the second. The mother of the Duchess of Sussex was also present at the time of birth and was thrilled about newborn child. Other royal family members are also reportedly happy about the couple.

The born prince will hold both British and American nationalities.

Brits Reacting the Royal Newborn

The people are overjoyed with the forthcoming of the newborn prince; they have taken to the streets and social media to celebrate the occasion

Many on this occasion are remembering Diana, the princess of Wales who is the grandmother of the newborn prince and the mother of Harry

The Excitement Is Same As It Was During Royal Wedding

It has not been a year since news of Meghan and Harry wedding had overwhelmed the media. And, now they are all obsessed with the new royal baby.

Prince Harry expressed his gratitude towards the media for not violating their privacy

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