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Dwayne Johnson Tells When He Faced Depression In Life

Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’ has spoken about when and why he had to battle stress in his life.

Famous from his ring name The Rock who is a former wrestler and America’s highest paid actor revealed how he suffered depression in teenage. He opened up about his past in an interview with Express.

Well, watching the performance of top 10 best stand up comedians on Netflix might be an effective way to laugh away depression. But, you must know about The Rock’s story of stress to not feel alone in this journey.

Dwayne Johnson Talking About Depression

Dwayne revealed that he faced depression when he was 15 years old and his mother attempted a suicide. He also explained that her mother tried to kill herself by getting hit by traffic, but he saved her by pulling her to the gravel of the road.

It seems that actor suffered a depression leading to a severe existential crisis. He said, “I reached a point, where I didn’t want to do a thing or go anywhere. I was crying constantly.”

Rampage actor also disclosed that his mother has no memory of the incident now.

When He Broke Up With His Girlfriend

Another difficult period came in The Rock’s life when he was a professional footballer and faced severe injuries. That was the moment when he also broke up with his girlfriend. The Hollywood star termed that time an absolute worst time period of his life.

Response to The Rock’s Interview

It seems that Dwayne Johnson who is one of the most successful Hollywood actors had his fair share of sorrows from the life. He also talked about the response to his interview about depression.

Coping With Depression

Very often people don’t even know if they are suffering from stress or not. In fact, they need to look for the prominent symptoms of depression and anxiety to realize what is going on with them. One should keep in mind that stress is a horrible thing but it is not so rare. Almost everyone suffers from it in one or any other stage in the life. One just has to make sure to not be overwhelmed by it in order to move ahead.

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