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Several Dead and Injured as Earthquake in Pakistan Jolts Kashmir and Other Areas

An earthquake of magnitude 5.8 has rocked different areas of Pakistan while severely affecting parts of Kashmir in Jatlan town near Kashmir. The epicenter of the earthquake was a few kilometers north of Jhelum. The tremors were also felt in Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore and in few cities of India.

Earthquake in Pakistan- Rescue Efforts

Earthquakes are one the most well documented and well-understood forms of natural disasters which are caused as a result of shifts in the tectonic plates in the Earth’s surface. The recent disaster has hit the country almost two weeks before the anniversary of the horrific 2005 Earthquake in Pakistan that had destroyed the parts of Islamabad and Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

So far 21 deaths have been reported and estimated 400 people have been injured.

Relief efforts and rescue operation, have already been launched in collaboration with the various branches of the armed forces, including the aviation core, which is surveying the situation and rallying vital information.

Amongst the people who have lost their lives in this incident was a software engineer student named Hamid Ulla and was studying in AJK University. He lost his life while trying to jump to safety from the top of his hostel

So Far AJK Has Been Most Adversely Affected

Reports of an earthquake in Indian occupied Kashmir have also come forth. Calls for the Indian government to end the curfew and to allow the re-establishment of communication in Kashmir have been coming forth.

Where the event has badly shaken people, there are those who while keeping to old tradition are mocking the situation.

At times like these irrespective of whether you believe in God or higher power, you call on Him to save your life.

Condolences From All Over The World Are Pouring

Celebrities have also come out to show the support for those who have been affected by the Earthquake in Pakistan. Cricketer Shadab Khan has pledged financial support for the affectees.

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