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Shocking Earthquake Warning Issued to Islamabad

There is an appalling earthquake warning issued for Islamabad to remain alert. This time the signs have come from outside, India. A man in India has made these predictions. He claims that he has some superpowers or extrasensory perceptions through which he can make the prediction. He has also written a letter to Indian PM Narendra Modi about it.

Pakistani Intelligence Agencies Also Give Earthquake Warning

The intelligence agencies in Pakistan have also issued an earthquake warning to ERRA or Earthquake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Agency. It is the body that takes care of the disasters due to the earthquakes. The warning says that there is a possibility of a massive quake below the sea surface.

Indian Media Not Taking Prediction Seriously

Besides all the propaganda, the man behind the prediction on the earthquake, Babu Kalayil has become a laughing matter. The letter by this man went viral on social media setting off panic in Pakistan. In India, the Indian press is not taking his warnings seriously. However, on the other side of the border, authorities are worried about seeing this possibility.

earthquake warningThe Earthquake Warning

The letter directly addresses the Prime Minister of India. In his note, Babu Kalayil predicts that the earthquake will take place on 31st December 2017. The prediction further warns that it will jolt countries. According to his earthquake warning, it will geographically spread to eleven different nations. The names included in this list are Japan, India, China, Pakistan, Nepal, Thailand, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Furthermore, he adds that it will then head to the Gulf countries. Also, his prediction forecasts wind blowing at speeds ranging from 120 kmph to 180 kmph.

So How Did Babu Kalayil Reach This Conclusion?

He is not a scientist or some meteorologist to predict a violent storm in the offing. Instead, he believes it is his sixth sense guiding him in reaching this conclusion.

Pakistan Taking Earthquake Warning Seriously                             

On the other side, there is a letter, reportedly written by ERRAs acting deputy chairman. In this message, as per reports, he has already directed the concerned authorities to follow the standard operating procedures in case of any untoward incident.

Similarly, he has also asked them to prepare for any situation involving flash flooding and heavy rains. There are no confirmations or denials so far about the accuracy and truthfulness of this letter. Therefore, it is hard to believe the accuracy and reason behind these actions.

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