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Economists Resign from Economic Advisory Council In Support of Atif Mian

The removal of Atif Mian from Economic Advisory Council merely on religious grounds has caused concern among Pakistanis. While everyone is calling out to the cowardice of Imran Khan’s government for succumbing to the pressure of Mullahs and choosing merit over bigotry, the economists of EAC are also showing their resentment by resigning from their posts. Consequently, the government is losing the services from highly qualified and world-famous economic advisories to get out of the current financial sacrifices.

Economists Resigning from Economic Advisory Council

Responding to the removal of Atif Mian from Economic Advisory Council only because he was an Ahmadi, Asim Ijaz Khwaja another renown economist who is a professor of public policy at Harvard Kennedy School, also resigned from his post. In his heartfelt tweet, Asim opined that he was grateful for the chance to aid analytical reasoning but not when such values were compromised. And, personally, as a Muslim, he couldn’t justify this.


Dr. Imran Rasul Resigning from EAC

Following the resignation of Asim Ijaz Khwaja, Economic Advisory Council received another blow when Dr. Imran Rasul also left the committee as a protest against Atif Mian’s removal. London based economist took to Twitter and stated that circumstances in which Atif Mian was asked to step down are one he profoundly disagreed with.

In the Twitter thread, Dr. Imran Rasul also stated that if there was any academic that EAC needed than it was Dr. Atif Mian.

Government’s Decision Exposes Pakistan’s Real Crisis

Atif Mian who is the author of a critically acclaimed book House of Debt and got ranked as world’s 25 young economists to shape the global economy, by IMF was a ray of hope to help Pakistan government come out of its crisis. But, Atif’s qualification, experience, insights, and prudence went in vain in the face of prevalent extremism and religious bigotry in Pakistan.

Atif Mian’s removal from such a crucial role merely because of his religious believes didn’t appeal to the country’s clergy exposes the real problem Pakistan is facing. The country is freely allowing religious demagogues spread hatred and curbing the voices that speak for the human rights and the rights of minorities. Unfortunately, Pakistan’s government is acting quite contrary to its founder, Muhammad Ali Jinnah whose quotations make it clear who he wanted Pakistani society to be inclusive and discourage discrimination on any basis.

But, in Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan the bigotry is continuing to win over merit and government is cowardly surrendering to the whims of religious clergy, and closing doors for an inclusive Pakistan that belongs to all.

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