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What Are Cultural Effects on Education System

Cultural effects have a lot to do with the development of the educational system. A country that has a secular cultural setup will most probably have a secular educational system, designed to combat the need of the country.

What Are Cultural Effects

By definition, culture is the collection of social norms that govern the day to day lives of people in society. The norms may be influenced by religion, a person, occupation, economic power or relationships people have with one another.

What one society considers normal other societies may consider a taboo, i.e. forbidden. For example in some culture serving water to an elder while standing may be considered disrespectful.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Cultural Effects on Education

The cultural effects on education are very well documented. Different societies have different educational setups which are heavily setup influenced by culture.

Some Examples from Past Civilizations

Take the Romans, for example, as their culture was a warrior based culture that revolved around concepts like fitness and fighting techniques. So naturally, they incorporated fitness and fighting techniques into their educational system.

This influence of being fit and a good warrior was so firmly embedded into their culture that anybody who didn’t fulfill these requirements was kicked out of society or terminated in infancy.

While on the other hand if you look at the Athenians, their culture had arts and humanities at its core. Hence their cultural effects they developed an educational system that taught a wide range of subjects regarding arts and humanities. According to historians at the height of its power, the Athenian educational institutes employed people from all over the world who were considered to be experts in their subjects.

The Athenians didn’t require people to be good warriors or physically fit; instead, they needed a person to be educated and mentally fit.

The Mongols had an entirely different approach to education based on their culture. They required a person to be a good fighter, physically fit and an expert in survival their educational system incorporated the best practices and techniques regarding fighting, fitness and survival arts.

How To Determine Which Educational System Is Better

According to historians and scholars, an educational system is only useful if it ensures the preservation and survival of the civilization using it; otherwise, it’s obsolete. Different societies have developed various types and standards of education which ensure their durability. Well, education is not always for the survival of certain traditions and cultures followed by civilizations. It is more about equipping young generation with necessary knowledge so that they can explore better alternatives after learning from history.

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