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Edward Snowden Denies Agreeing to Pay $5 Million to the US Government

Edward Snowden called out CNN for misreporting the news regarding his forfeiture plan. According to the report by respective media outlets, Edward Snowden agreed to forfeit 5 million USD from his book sales and speeches to end his exile. He released the book named Permanent Record without the approval of the CIA and NSA, which was reportedly a breach of contract. The whistleblower responded to the news by highlighting a few factual mistakes and also suggested an appropriate headline

The agency implied that Snowden’s settlement offer was agreed by Trump’s administration but Snowden denied that he made any settlement. The report also explicitly mentioned that the courts were trying to figure out how much they could take away from the ex-CIA operative. He also denied having 5 million dollars in his life.

About Edward Snowden Controversial Book

Snowden started a fierce conflict between national security and personal privacy after leaking classified intelligence documents. He was immediately labelled as a traitor while many individuals who respect the privacy of the US citizens considered him a hero. He decided to throw away his future at the CIA for exposing the mass surveillance system used by the US government.

In Permanent Record, he revealed for the first time about how he helped in building that system and what led him to try and take it down.

The book released on the US Constitution Day (17th September) in 2019 while he was still in exile in Russia since 2013. It was published by an American publisher who operated under the British publishing company, Macmillan Publishers. The American subdivision publishes under several imprints; Metropolitan Books, Henry Holt and Company, Picador, Owl Books, and Times Books.

The Alleged Earnings From Snowden’s Endeavors

According to the reports, his earnings from book sales were 4.2 million USD including all copyrights and royalties. From speeches, the reports said he made about 1.03 million USD for giving 56 speeches that also included revelations of government which were a breach of secrecy agreement with the government. Reports also said that he took 18000 USD speaking fee on average.

Edward Snowden denied the reports and claimed that he has not made that much money yet.

The Revenge Tactics Of The US Government

Edward Snowden did not regret leaking the classified information or writing a detailed memoir for this digital era. He only regretted the amount of effort he gave in to create the system of spying people. His case represents one of the ways the US government can hold former employees accountable for leaking information about the Black Ops of government.

In his own words, the most powerful government in the world wants him “gone” but he continues to serve public however he can.

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