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This Egg with Full Face Make-Up is Giving Models Run for Their Money

An artist has shown an egg with a full face make-up in a viral social media, proving that good looks are all about the miracle of a good make-over. And, people are really worried where would it lead it.

Viral Video of Egg with Full Face Make-Up

Now let’s have a look at that viral tutorial of an egg with full make-up which is a bit confusing.


We all know recently an egg beat Kylie Jenner on Instagram. And now there is an egg with full face make -up that garnered millions of views on social media. What does this even mean? Is it really a work of art of people want eggs to serve as decoration pieces rather than a protein source.

And, social media users are wondering if this artist would even dare to boil this egg or make an omelette out of it.

And, the question is legitimate.


A Waste of Money?

People are afraid if an egg can undergo this transformation then why not girls. And, what if they date someone merely on the basis of good looks only to find out that they were not real.

Folks were even questioning the purpose of an egg with full face make-up. Like, what is the reason behind wasting money on this when it is going to be of no use. Well, that’s not the case. May be brands find it useful. May be, they start giving egg with make-up demos to promote their product. But, that is even more ridiculous idea. How people can buy something when they it only makes an egg look good. No one would buy such product which is not for human beings. So egg in that case is a bad influencer.

Never Under Estimate the Power of an Egg

Well, the egg might not be a good influencer but such popularity on social media in form of makeup tutorials and beating the Kylie Jenner for Instagram likes is something that brands can’t easily let go. Companies will utilize this opportunity to market their products as anything associated with egg is indeed going to get attention.

This egg with full face make-up has surely taught people how one can undergo a complete transformation with the help of colorful paints and techniques. But, every tutorial on oval shape may not work. Maybe we see artists practicing doing make-up on pumpkin, turnip or even cabbage; who knows.

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