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Laser Pointers Become Man of the Match in Egypt vs Senegal

A World Cup play-off match between Egypt vs Senegal got unpleasant as Senegalese fans started pointing lasers at Egyptian players. After winning the first leg 1-0, Egypt was looking to seal the deal when it conceded a goal early in the match, making it 1-1 on the aggregate.

What Happened During Egypt vs Senegal Match?

Both sides deadlocked to a penalty shootout which became controversial very quickly. Senegal fans pointed lasers on Egyptian players throughout the match and even during the penalties. A clip of Mohammad Salah facing dozens of lasers on his face before taking a penalty went viral on social media. Viewers expressed disappointment with this behaviour that caused the Pharoah to miss the spot.

Other penalty takers also faced this predicament, and eventually, Egypt lost 3-1 in the shootout to allow Senegal to move forward and claim its place in the World Cup.

Reports of Violence Before and After the Match

Egyptian Football Association (EFA) also lodged an official complaint against Senegal before the match began. It claimed that Senegalese fans subjected Egyptian players to racism and terrorized them. It also claimed that the bus carrying Egyptians was attacked, causing damages and injuries. EFA shared pictures of a cracked window on social media and verbally offensive banners directed at Salah.

After the match was over, the supporters continued their assault, specifically aimed at Salah. It can be seen in the video that security personnel were escorting Salah into the tunnels while fans threw plastic bottles at him from the stands.

Senegalese Federation President Augustin Senghor said that he did not pay attention to what was happening in the stands. About lasers, he said that it happened the first time in Senegal, whereas it was common in Egypt, where Egyptian fans often distract football players with laser pointers as they did in the first leg of Egypt vs Senegal. He maintained that Senegalese were known to be very hospitable and welcoming people.

Victims of Their Own Creation

The incident reminded some fans about how Egyptian fans shoot lasers on other teams as well. Some of them were quite astounded by the fact that Egypt had become a victim of its own creation for once.

Many others enjoyed the whole incident and decided to flood social media with memes.

Most of the memes reflected how fans watching at home viewed the Egypt vs Senegal Match.

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