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The Passport of Egyptian Pharoah Rameses II Goes Viral

Egyptian Pharoah Rameses II might have not needed a passport to cross Mediterranean when he ruled Egypt for 67 years. But his mummy definitely needed one to go to France for its maintenance and upkeep.

Egyptian Pharoah Rameses II Passport

Recently a mock-up of Egyptian Pharoah Rameses II’s passport went viral on Twitter. The passport was shared by an archeologist, historian, and researcher David S. Anderson on Twitter. According to David, In 1974, the mummy of Rameses II was all set to travel to France for treatment. But law required proper identification for international transport of human remains and hence this passport was issued.

Reaction Over Rameses II Passport

The picture of passport that David shared was no less than a wonder and it immediately captured the attention of viewers for many reasons. In fact, people had to say many interesting things regarding, laws, passports, and pharaohs.

They raised an objection on why Egyptian Pharoah Rameses II had eyes closed and invisible. And he should have followed rules despite being a king (sarcasm intended comments)

And, then there were some concerns about the passport. Like, how come a 1974 passport could have a barcode. And, some people also pointed out to the wrong spellings of Rameses II.

And that smile…

A Clarification by David

Given so many objections by the viewers and how they were right to point out many glitches David clarified that the image of the passport was a mock-up, but the story was real.

People anticipating some progress towards the transfer of antiques and other such stuff

Well, the story about the transfer of the Egyptian Pharoah Rameses II’s mummy from Egypt to France gave some other things to think about. A user forwarded the idea of returning the things from the British Museum to their respective countries by following the same process. And, it sounded more like a criticism on Britain Government’s infamous practices in the colonial era.

Why Rameses II Mummy was Transported to France

The rulers of Egypt have remained a matter of special attention. Even, people who lack an interest in history often want to know how did Cleopatra come to power in Egypt and what kind of lifestyle Egyptian pharoahs led. As far as the transfer of Egyptian Pharoah Rameses II’s mummy is concerned then it was because of treatment and maintenance according to the New York Times. The researchers had suggested an upkeep to prevent a potential fungal decay which could have harmed the mummy.

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