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Why Ehd e Wafa’s Gulzar Was the Most Iconic Character from Drama

Hit Hum TV drama Ehd-e-Wafa which was co-produced by ISPR has finally come to an end. The show basically roamed around the life of four students from Lawrence College who were best friends and went on achieve something great in their life. While, every single character of the drama had its own beauty it was the Ehd eWafa’s Gulzar that stood distinguished, The iconic character of Gulzar played by Adnan Samad Khan stole the hearts of the viewers. Gulzar who in drama hailed from Basti Malook, Tehsil Tonsa District Dera Ghazi Khan beautifully played his role of a PMA cadet and then Army officer.

What Was So Unique About Ehd e Wafa’s Gulzar

There is no doubt that in the presence of star studded cast the character of Gulzar not only made his own place but also became the one of the favorite characters in drama. Ehd e Wafa’s Gulzar was no less than a comic relief even during some of the most tense scenes.

The Saraiki boy Gulzar’s character was introduced in 6th episode of ISPR. The small town boy with hilarious accent would always have some punch lines to express his fears and an ability laugh his own tensions away.

The character in different scenes of the dramas is also seen singing Saraiki songs and praising folk singer like Attaullah Khan Eisa Khelvi. Even in a scene in the last episode of Ehd e Wafa when Saad (Gulzar’s friend) leaves for battlefield, Gulzar still has got a way to lighten the situation by reminding his friend about his promises of making arrangements for his wedding.

Adnan samad Khan is only twenty-three years old,. He is a National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) graduate who made a debut in Ehd e Wafa.

An Appreciation from Senior Actors

“Ranjha Ranjha krde” lead actor Imran Ashraf is among many senior actors who appreciated Ehd e Wafa’s Gulzar’s performance as  hilarious, comic character. He shared Adnan’s picture and praised the performance by the caption “Maza a gya” on his Twitter handle

Too Hubmble to Receive an Award

Adnan’s acting has not only won him praise from fans but also a PISA award. Interestlingly, the actor renounced his very first big showbiz award only because he considered his fans a true award and not a metallic piece with his name engraved on it.

Some Famous Dialogues of the Charachter

Some of the dialogues of Ehd e Wafa’s Gulzar brought the storm on social media.  

The hilarious scene “chair did the chu chu” at PMA’s dining hall is considered to be his most applauded scene.

And this reply of Gulzar when lead character Saad comes to his senses in Ehd e Wafa’s final episode at a hospital bed and sees himself surrounded by his friends was iconic.

It Was the Most Entertaining Charachter Indeed

Drama came to an end the Gulzar’s character received much praise.

One of the prominent of aspects of Gulzar’s character was how loyal friend he was.

Finally it was his acting that was considered a true masterpiece.

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