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Eid Ideas for Special Barbecue Recipes

Eid Ul Azha is a great day of celebrating the sacrifice of Hazard Ibrahim (PBUH). On this day, you can cook different types of meat recipes. However, Barbecue recipes take the central stage and probably come on top of everything else. Since it’s Eid ul Azha, so you must be looking for some great Barbecue recipes to cook.

Top Barbecue Dishes to Cook

Here is a selection of the top barbecue recipes you can consider to make your Eid ul Azha more special.

Chinese Seekh Boti

The Chinese Seekh Boti is a great recipe with a twist. Make sure you work on the marination process by adding all ingredients to make it tasty. Some of the ingredients that you can use include soya sauce, bay leaves, and white vinegar.

Be patient with the cooking process and cook on low heat, so it gets cooked from the inside as well. Make sure to have onions cut in a rounded shape to add to the layout. If you cook your Chinese Seekh Boti on coals, it will taste better. You can serve it with salad or boiled rice.

Bihari Boti

The Bihari Boti is one of the traditional dishes from Bihar India. Bihari Boti is equally famous inside the sub-continent as well as aboard. Besides Eid, Bihari Boti makes up for a great recipe on a family get together or dinner.

Always use the undercut steak so that it gives you that different and unique flavor. Among other things, you can use red chilies, mustard oil, yogurt, cumin seeds, and grams to add to its taste. The garnishing of onions, lemons, and coriander leaves adds to its flavor.

Beef Tikka

Eid Ideas for Special Barbecue RecipesBeef adds a different kind of taste to the whole tikka experience. The Beef Tikka has its mildness differing from the mutton and chicken. Take time to properly marinate the meet with all the ingredients and apply them onto the beef. Leave the meat for 5 to 6 hours so that it absorbs all the tasty ingredients into it.

Now, put the meat on skewers. You can also use the grill on flames for cooking Beef Tikka. Beef Tikka can be served with rice, salad, and mint chutney.

The possibilities for cooking delicious barbecue recipes are endless. There is an extensive list of grill dishes to choose. Try experimenting a bit with different ingredients to create unique tastes. Always keep in mind that marinating plays a major role in giving taste to any barbecue dish. Also, give enough time for the ingredients to soak in so that you get all the aromas and flavors once you cook the meat on low coal heat.

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