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How Eid In Abroad is Different From Eid in Pakistan

Eid is a three days long festival but for those who are away from their community, it is not even one-day long. Celebrating Eid in Pakistan or any other Muslim majority country is different from celebrating it in the west. In countries like the UK, people have the liberty to offer Eid prayer and enjoy the festivities, but still, they can’t celebrate it the way as people in Muslim majority countries do. Celebrating Eid in abroad is different from celebrating it in Pakistan in many ways.

How Eid in Abroad Is Not As Much Fun

For many Muslims Eid in abroad is just limited to offering Eid prayer, unless they live in an area where there is a strong presence of the community. In the UK and other western countries, people often have to get together on such occasions in places like Islamic centers and community centers. But not everyone gets an opportunity to meet and greet with community members.

The major difference between Eid in Pakistan and Eid in Abroad is of holidays. In Muslim majority countries like Pakistan, people enjoy at least three to four holidays. So, they are free to plan trips with friends and family, visit their relatives and do other such activities without any work burden. But, in abroad there are no longer holidays. People either take leave from work or they have to work on Eid as well.

Missing the Atmosphere of Enjoyment

Celebrating Eid in abroad means to miss that zeal. Like, you don’t get to see people dressed up in special eid apparels, neighbors sending sweets in each other’s homes, and public places clad in an atmosphere of celebration. In abroad people, cant feel the eid in the way they can feel in Pakistan. Yes, they can enjoy a respite from work by taking leave going out with family or planning to spend the day with friends and relatives. Or, they go out for a dinner with family. Due to rigid work schedule. they can’t take time out to spend it well with families. In countries like Pakistan people have got various ideas to make the eid more blissful, but they have to celebrate Eid with limited options.

A Day With No Celebrations

Muslims living in far off places, where they are not in touch with community member might be able to celebrate but without feeling the soul of it. In Pakistan and other Muslim majority countries, the fun begins from the Chan Raat (the night of moon sighting) when people go to marketplaces for doing shopping of the related stuff. But such a feeling is entirely missing in other countries. And, the worst victim of this soulless celebration are kids who can’t get Eidi and gifts from their family members, as they can get it from their relatives while living in the community.

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