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The All-Electric Porsche Mission E to Sell in 2019

The supervisory board of Porsche had already confirmed back in 2015 that the company would launch the all-electric Porsche Mission E. The original plan was to launch the all-electric Porsche Mission E by the year 2020.

A Bit About the Porsche Mission E Project

The company wants to maintain its position as one of the leading producers of legendary sports cars. The Porsche Mission E Project is expected to create around 1000 new jobs. The company is investing €700 million to make this project a big success. The company is expanding its production facility for manufacturing the all-electric Porsche Mission E cars.

This production facility expansion will let the company make the electric motors which would drive the new electric sports car. Since Volkswagen owns the brand, it is also seen as an attempt to overcome the emission scandal surrounding the parent company.

Porsche Mission E Worth the Wait

Porsche Mission E already unveiled its 600 bhp prototype at the Frankfurt Motor Show back in 2015. The company plans to follows its prototype to produce a four-door sports car looking a bit like a compact Panamera. The rear doors with suicide hatches reveal a perfect cabin configuration for four.

Specs of the New Porsche Mission E

The car will reach 62 mph in under 3.5 seconds. It will have a top speed exceeding 155 miles per hour. The four-wheel drive vehicle will have two motors with the steering features of a 911 four-wheel. The low-lying battery configuration makes it closer to the center of the gravity, adding to its stability and handling. The vehicle will feature technologically advanced lithium-ion batteries.

Eye-Tracking Technology

The driver of the vehicle will be able to control the built-in menu by using their eyes. The eye-tracking technology will detect when the driver is seeing at a particular place in the menu and also recognize the instruments that the driver wants to operate. Once the driver selects an item on the menu, they can confirm it by pressing a button on the car’s steering wheel.

Shifting Car Display

The display panel in the car’s dashboard will move with the change in driver’s position. So once the driver moves higher or lower or leans towards a side, the interface will move with the driver.

Unique Way of Charging

The vehicle’s user will only need to drive the car on top of the charging base plate in the garage. After parking the vehicle, the base plate will start charging the car. Similarly, the owner will also be able to charge the vehicle via a conventional charging station or at their home using a cable.

The amount of time required to fully charge the new electric cars often raises eyebrows. The new Porsche Mission E will need less than a quarter of an hour to get charged by up to 80%. Furthermore, the company claims that with 80% charging, the car will travel a distance of 400 kilometers. Similarly, a fully charged vehicle could be able to travel up to 500 kilometers.

No Side Mirrors

The Porsche Mission E will not have exterior side mirrors. Instead, it will have cameras capturing the happenings around the vehicle and displaying them on the lower corner of the car’s windshield.

Similarities with the Prototype

The vehicle as per the company representative will look a lot similar to its prototype. The interior of the Porsche Mission E will have new holograms and instrument functions. The car will also allow the driver to use gesture control to give commands.

Expected Price and Availability

The Porsche Mission E all-electric vehicle will go on sale in 2019. The price of this sports car is expected to range somewhere between $80,000 and $90,000.

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