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Elijah Al-Amin- Black Teenager Killed by White Man for Listening Rap

People are demanding justice for 17-year-old Elijah Al-Amin, a black teen killed by 27-year-old white Michael Paul Adams. The killer reportedly felt unsafe after he found the victim listening to rap music. The 17-year-old had his throat slit and then got stabbed multiple times till he died.

Elijah Al-Amin Who Got Killed for Listening to Music

The incident took place at Peoria Circle K gas station where Elijah was getting a soda from the soda machine. According to the police, Adams had a history of theft, disorderly conduct, assault with a weapon, and assault on a corrections officer. Michael’s lawyer, while talking to the media, stated that mental institutions of this country have failed. Adams was released into society with no money and no access to any mental health facility.

A spokesperson for The Arizona Department of Corrections in a statement said that Adams was not designated seriously mentally ill.

We Want Justice for Elijah Al-Amin

People are sick of hearing about Adams bad mental health and are calling for the police to take action. Just because a person’s mentally ill doesn’t give him the consent to do whatever he wants.

It’s a well-known fact that people of color have gotten much harsher prisons sentences for the same crime white people have committed. Every time a white person commits a crime, his sentence gets reduced just because he’s allegedly suffering from some kind of disorder. And, it is thought that sending him to jail would aggravate the problem

Racism Needs To Be Booted Out

This is the twenty-first century and people are not willing to forgive the crimes of white terrorism in the name of mental illness. They just want apartheid and racism to get eradicated in a way that no bias can save the criminal from the punishment of offenses such as killing the innocents like Elijah Al-Amin. Racism has crept into the minds of our law enforcement to such an extent that we might need to evaluate the effectiveness of the training being given to our law enforcement personnel. The training of Judges and lawyers should also be reevaluated to restore balance to society

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