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Elizabeth Warren drop out shows that US is not ready for female President

Warren suffered a dreadful Super Tuesday. She announced her suspension after losing on Super Tuesday across all of the US including her homeland of Massachusetts. Her campaign manager couldn’t help but drop subtle f-bombs when he heard Elizabeth Warren drop out. He thanked Warren for dreaming big and fighting hard because unfortunately, America was not ready to accept a female POTUS.

Her vision, her qualifications, and her transparent personality made her the ideal candidate for the presidency. Regardless of her courage and efforts, America decided to punish her for having skills better than most of their incompetent, resource-stealing and warmongering men.

Elizabeth Warren drop out was imminent

Warren was the last practical female candidate left in the US presidential race. It was the most diverse democratic panel in the history of America. Almost 30 candidates were competing, ranging from women to people of other races.

People held up hope, thousands of women were excited to see America change for the better but all they could see was a sad scene of Elizabeth Warren drop out.

In the end, the race has ultimately narrowed down to two absolute white men in their 70s. Just like it happens every time, well done America.

Disappointment and social media reactions

The people have expressed their disappointment in the American voters because they had a chance to make history and they chose to repeat it.

It is apparent that US does not know what to do with the female president. A country that claims to have encouraged women rights seems nothing more than a hypocrite right now.

Women in America are equally oppressed in professionalism as they portray them to be in third world countries. With International Women’s Day on the horizon, it would have been the most inspiring event of 2020 but America might just not care.

Warren staying strong as always

Elizabeth Warren stated that she was proud to kick the corrupt Bloomberg out of the competition and now she is set on battling with the toxic fans of Bernie Sanders. She is smart, eloquent, and brutally direct, all the qualities we need a president of world’s largest economy.

Even Bernie Sanders is sick of his immature fans, who think that he’s some kind of Superman who will instantly save America from being stuck in a tree. They have been posting mean tweets on all of Sander’s rivals which was rightfully condemned by Sanders.

Warren has left but the questions regarding male domination and the role of sexism in American politics will remain for years to come. Women are not going to let this atrocity slide. Especially if Sanders loses as well and another evil being takes the throne.

Warren stays positive after dropping out and shares no plan of endorsing any campaign but she is persistent that her fight for making America great for everyone is not over.

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