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Elon Musk Wins Defamation Case Against British Diver

Court ruled in favor of Elon musk against British diver who had assisted in the rescue of the Thai football team and sued Musk for defamation charges.

Elon Musk Wins Again

A tweet posted by Elon Musk referred to British diver Vernon Unsworth who had helped in the rescue of 13 people stuck in a cave in Thailand as pedo guy. This didn’t settle well with accused, he sued Musk for defamation.

Criteria For A Statement To Be Viewed As Defamation Statement

From a legal perspective in order to for a statement or a tweet in this case to be viewed as a defamation statement must stand true on four criteria’s. (1) The so called defamation statement should clearly mention or indicate the person being targeted. (2) the reader after reading the statement should view  the defamation statement to be true.(3) it should be intended towards him and him alone.(4) the fourth and most important criteria to rule a statement defamational is that it must be false.

The jury while deliberating their verdict determined that the statement did not fulfill the predetermined criteria in order to be declared as a defamation statement and was nothing more than a result of a heated argument between the two . Hence the case should be dismissed.

I Feel Betrayed

While the deliberation was going on the British diver was in tears and felt betrayed.He later on while talking to the media expressed his anger and said Musk’s statement had left him humiliated because some of the people who did not know him did in fact view him as a pedophile.

Musk while talking to the media after the hearing expressed his gratitude towards the jury and said, “my faith in humanity is restored”.

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