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Name of Elon Musk’s Baby Is Going to Trouble Everyone

One shouldn’t be as a nerd as Elon Musk is. The man does not seem capable of giving his newborn baby a human name. Musk and her partner Grimes just recently welcomed their first baby boy together but they couldn’t keep this private affair something to not be about tech. In reply to a user’s tweet who inquired the Elon Musk’s baby’s name Tesla and SpaceX founder responded that it was X Æ A-12 Musk. It really seemed so unfair of Musk to use this nomenclature format for his baby.

What Does Elon Musk’s Baby Name Mean?

Musk knows very well why he is famous and with a baby name like this he perhaps wants to cement his image of a tech nerd, promote his upcoming launches or maybe he wants to distract folks from criticizing him on his flawed and misleading concerns on coronavirus pandemic. Or it can be because he treats his baby just like another tech product from Spacex (well this does make sense when this impossible to pronounce name gets decoded).

Musk has agreed with this synonym except A-12 was precursor to SR-71.

So what does he think his son is? Just a rocket or a jet…?

This Is What Reactions Say

Well, there are so many reactions to Elon Musk’s baby names. Despite the fact that the name is hard to write let alone pronounce it was trending on Twitter. So, obviously it has made people raise questions.

Probably the poor guy is not going to respond in a human way.

A genuine question though… What the couple is going to tell their kid on how to pronounce this name?

This famous Am I A Joke to You Meme probably sums it up pretty well.

But this reaction from Indian stand up comedian Abhishek Upmanyu’s monologue is really hilarious. The parents really should have taken it serious.

And this meme tells how their son is going to feel about it.

Those documenting the name are also going to have an awkward day at work it seems.


How Much Creative These Trolls Can Be

As per experts, the world is approaching singularity, something which may result in human evolution in machines and it appears that Elon Musk’s baby name is just a kind of simulation to it.


So this is how they are going to lure that poor guy.


There is no lack of people who are obsessed with Elon Musk’s facts due to some of his achievements in technology that might be over-hyped in view of his critics. But being this creative with the name of a kid doesn’t really make sense. If not with coronavirus reality then with his newborn son’s name at least Musk should have shown a relatively humane approach. Maybe Elon Musk’s baby gets to take charge of naming himself when he grows up.

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