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Emmanuel Macron Becomes the Next French President

Emmanuel Macron defeats Le Pen to become the President of France. The centrist candidate won by getting 66.06% votes in comparison to Le Pen’s 33.94% votes. He has become the youngest French President in the country’s history at age 39.

The win of Emmanuel Macro actually ends the domination by two political parties in France. The rule of left-wing and right-wing parties has finished after a long time. The new President said that his win would turn a new page in the history of France.

Emmanuel Macron To Fight Divisions in France

The newly elected French President knows the divisions which exist in the French society. Therefore, he has said that he will overcome doubt, anxiety, and rage. The new President says he will spend the next five years of his tenure in office.

Emmanuel Macron also wants the French Nation to unite. He seems to be a pro-EU at this time, supporting the unity of the European Union. Thousands of supporters of the new President are celebrating the win of their favorite candidate.

In his speech to the supporters, he said that they had won. He also stated that he won the election campaign despite everyone telling him that it was not possible. Emmanuel Macron said that France had enormous tasks which he wants to accomplish.

Emmanuel Macron Tough Views on Brexit

Emmanuel Macron Becomes The Next French PresidentThe new French President has made his intentions clear. He will reportedly come forth with a tough stance on Brexit. However, like many other politicians, he will not try to punish Great Britain on its exit from the European Union.

The economic adviser to the new French President told in a recent interview that the Brexit Negotiations would not be easy. Jean Pisani-Ferry also said that no one is interested in having a hard Brexit and EU must take care of everyone’s economic interests.

Emmanuel Macron’s Fears on Frexit

The new President has reservations on the EU. He wants to bring in reforms otherwise he believes it may lead to Frexit or France’s exit from the EU. During his rally, he said that is pro-European and believes in its importance for the French people.

Emmanuel Macron also says that the European Union must listen to its people and analyze the facts. He says that people are not happy because of a dysfunctional European Union. He also added that it is not possible to sustain the dysfunctional European Union.

Emanuel Macron firmly believes in reforming the EU. He has expressed that if he does not make any changes to the EU, it will be a betrayal. The convincing victory of the new French President with a clear mandate gives him a great position to lead the reforms within the European Union.

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