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How to Turn On Cookies in Browser?

When you enable cookies in the browser it adds to the internet browsing experience. They are small files containing relevant information relating to the user. There are different types of data recorded in the browser using this file.

When we visit a website for the first time, it asks us if we agree to its policies. The fundamental purpose of this file is to customize the site experience for each user. There can be many reasons to enable browser cookies.

enable cookiesEnable Cookies in Chrome

Follow this method to allow cookies in Chrome by using the following configurations.

  1. Go into the menu and click the “icon menu” button.
  2. Now go to
  3. Go into the Advanced Settings within that menu.
  4. Click on the Content Settings by selecting it from the Privacy section.
  5. Within the Cookies section, you will see an option “Allow Local Data” to be set. Make sure that you select this option. All done, this is how you enable cookies on Chrome.

Enable Browser Cookies Settings in Safari

Here is how you enable Cookies in Safari.

  1. You need to open your Safari browser.
  2. In the settings, find and click on Preferences.
  3. In Preferences go to the Privacy
  4. Check the option of “Block Cookies” to never, and enable it in Safari.

Cookies Settings in Internet Explorer

The newer version of Internet Explorer has made life easier. Here are the steps to follow to enable cookies in Internet Explorer.

  1. Click on the tab at the top right side with the menu icon look.
  2. Find the Settings tab and click on it.
  3. In Settings tab click on the View Advanced Settings
  4. Find the relevant drop-down and select “Don’t Block Cookies.” You are all done.

The biggest benefit of enabling cookies in your browser is the browsing experience. If a website does not recognize who you are, it cannot present to you options that you may like. It does not have the data to give you suggestions of new products. Therefore, to ensure that you are getting the right recommendations while shopping or browsing, enable these files to track your activity. This way you will have a more fulfilling internet browsing experience. Otherwise, everytime you visit a website, you will have to set your preferences. It means manually telling every website everytime you visit it what things you like and dislike.

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