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End of Google Search as We See It

Google is already making massive changes to its flagship mobile app. The addition of personalized news feed exhibits a shift from the typical reliance on Google search.

Why is Google News Feed Important for Google Search?

It is a significant change for Google search as it is a big step forward since the company started operations back in 1996. Also, since Google’s rival, Facebook already has its news feed. The new approach will give the company a chance to compete with the social media giant directly. This way, Google will be able to offer to its users the same kind of information that Facebook is already offering. Examples of news feed include info related to news, videos, scores, and viral videos.

Is Google Becoming Defensive?

Well, to some extent, YES!! Google knows the shift that users are already experiencing in content consumption. Furthermore, as more of the people are gluing to the internet, thanks to faster connections and smartphones, Google needs to revisit its approach towards search.

Artificial intelligence is one area where a lot of companies are already battling to get on top. The predictive search will let the users get things they wanted to search. Instead of telling a search engine or social media platform what they want to search.

Examples of Predictive Search in Practice

When Google search is compared to the search options that other companies provide, it looks outdated. The big giants of the tech world like Uber, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook are already deploying artificial intelligence. The use of artificial intelligence predicts users’ search queries even before they say or type it.

Will It Be Easy for Google?

No, it will not be easy for Google to make changes to Google search.

It will have to ensure that it does not lose its market share in the search industry yet become successful. Therefore, the company still depends on the search revenues to make big amounts of money.End of Google Search as We See It

Google Search and Revenues

Google Search for the company is enormous.

The company makes around 99.9 percent of its revenues from video advertising, display, and search.

A drive to become Google Alphabet was the reason why the company was not happy with its diversification. Therefore, it is making other products accountable for revenues, it will have to tread carefully.

Predictive Search and Future of Google Search

Google search follows the traditional model of letting people find by typing what they want. Predictive search models do not even require the users to type anything. Artificial intelligence and predictive search experts believe that in about ten years’ time, users will get assistance in performing a lot of their tasks way better. The same artificial intelligence is seemingly threatening Google search and the traditional method of finding information on the internet.

So How Will Predictive Search Work?

The predictive search will take into account information relating to our search habits. The predictive Google search will also factor in the time, and our location. However, the search will remain there, but it may not stay relevant in the long run. Consequently, Alphabet, the parent company of Google is working on ways to improve revenues from other products.

Furthermore, Google is already looking afresh at its different products. The relaunch of Google Glass for businesses is one example of the company focusing more towards practicability and profitability. Similarly, you can now use the drive to backup all your computer’s data.

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