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How to Ensure Security while Sending Gifts Online?

We are sure that you have shopped online before as most of you have the smartest and coolest electronic gadgets to enjoy this facility of getting your favorite products at your doorstep. Avail this service to send gifts to your friends and family members in Pakistan. This concept is a new one in the Pakistani market but has been recognized internationally for many years. There is a trust deficit between these companies and online customers in Pakistan.

The question is that whether we should be comfortable with these online gift sending and shopping websites based in Pakistan for online purchasing through credit card for the payments.

The reality is that whether you are going to use a credit card does not show up, the information provided by you can be at risk. It is due to this fact that there are people in the online world who can steal your credit card information & misuse it. There is also a possibility that your card can be reproduced and used in different locations like retail shops and ATMs.

If you want to rescue yourself while using your credit card in the online shopping and sending gifts to Pakistan, you need to follow the steps given below:

Change the Password

Although the password changing process is too complicated and long, you need to keep changing it. Some people claim that it is too difficult to remember different passwords so they can use the individual memory apps.

Extra Security Steps for Sending Online Gifts to Pakistan

There are some companies in the world which provide you the services of few extra security steps to prevent the unauthentic and unauthorized use of your credit card. In the settings, these companies offer “Passcode” to shield your credit card through further authentication.

Pay with Other Sources like PayPal and Bitcoin

It is also possible to make payments via other more reliable and authentic sources of payments. By using Bitcoin and PayPal, you can make secure online payments. Although, these services are not as popular in Pakistan as in other countries. There are some underlying legal issues as well. However, these facilities will be available to Pakistanis, and hopefully, the risk of using credit cards will be diminished.

How to Ensure Security while Sending Gifts Online

Do not click on hyperlinks available in the Emails

In Pakistan and other third world countries, the hackers and dishonest people use the emails for stealing credit card details and other sensitive information. You must be cautious if you find any hyperlinks available in the emails. If you do not know the sender, you must not share any information without confirming who is sending you these emails.

Update Anti-Virus Software

If you want to avoid any hacking activity, your system must have updated anti-virus software which will prevent stealing of information from your system.

Use “Basic Level of Protection” Technique

Most of the banks provide a basic level of protection when they release credit cards for you. If you find something different from routine, you must contact your bank, and they will help you in this matter.

Choose Pakistani Online Gift Sending and Shopping Websites Carefully

Most of the browsers provide padlock icons to their users for providing them the safe environment. This system helps the users check the legitimacy of the website. If you see the design standards as below average, the web address is suspicious or you have numerous pop-up windows on your desktop., You must leave the website immediately and not share any sensitive information.

Do not send Sensitive Information Via Email

It is also essential that the payment should be submitted only through a proper and authentic website. It must be ensured that no information has been sent through email.

The present world is a global village where everything has been shifted to the internet, and everyone wants to be the part of this online world. But it is equally important to safeguard all your information to avoid any mishap through this online system. In Pakistan, people are not well aware of these fraudulent activities, so it is the duty of online shopping and gift sending companies to educate the people and prepare them for handling these types of situations more intelligently.

Author - Zia Sultan

Zia Sultan is a passionate writer who has particular interest in technology, ecommerce, and online shopping in Pakistan.

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