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Just Some Meme Worthy and Entertaining Events of 2018

Many people must have survived their year by scrolling down social media news feeds and laughing at the hilarious memes inspired from real-world entertaining events. In fact, one can tell about prominent events happening in a year by merely looking at the social media trends.

In 2018, social media users didn’t spare any event capable of creating a hilarious stuff. And, that accounted for a major source of entertainment for the folks.

Entertaining Events of 2018

Let’s have a look at what made us laugh out loud.

The Killer Smile of Priya Prakash

Do you remember how this South Indian teenager dominated the social media with her killer looks? Yes, these hilarious Priya Prakash memes were a big hit of valentine’s 2018.

Pakistan Super League seasons are now a must inclusion in entertaining events of 2018. But, this year what dominated the social media scene from its thrilling event was reslience of Fawad Rana, Lahore Qalandars owner who didn’t lose heart despite successive defeats.

The Royal Wedding

Harry and Meghan wedding remained in news in early half of 2018. And some of the Desi reactions were indeed a material worth laughing at.

Race 3 and Sanju Memes

Salman Khan’s film Race 3 and Ranbir Kapoor’s blockbuster Sanju remained talk of the town on social media for separate reasons.

While it was the Race 3’s illogical trailer, Sanju proved an ultimate social media entertainment for Sanjay Dutt meme.

Football World Cup 2018

Football World Cup is always one of the most entertaining events of the world. As expected this world cup was also talk of the town on social media, but this year it was Senegal Coach meme that stole the limelight.

Some Desi Memes from The Nun

These The Nun memes really made people think if it was a horror movie.

Election season in Pakistan

PTI lead by cricketer turned politician Imran Khan finally came to power in General elections 2018 held in July. The event indeed occupied social media but those Jahangir Tareen memes about his running after independent candidates were a winner.

Another Meme worthy Movie from Bollywood

There were these Anushka Sharma Sui Dhaga memes that made the actress relevant for every possible situation.

Pakistan’s Dam Fund

All that hype around Pakistan’s controversial dam fund and difference of opinion on the matter was one of the major social media inspiration from Pakistani socio-political arena.

Bollywood Weddings

Celebrity weddings in 2018 were some major entertaining events. Like Deepika Ranveer wedding memes and Sophie Turner memes from NickYanka wedding were a laughing stock.

Pakistani Grooms and American Brides

Social media memes also took inspiration from news of Pakistani guys marrying the foreign girls. Like, Sialkot guy marrying American girl was a perfect kind of entertaining event for newsfeeds.

And, finally, it was all that debate around those Dowry memes.

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