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Ertugrul Fans Are Mad at Yasir Hussain for Calling Turkish Actors Garbage

Yassir Hussain, a well-known artist, scriptwriter, and actor in Pakistan posted pictures of Turkish actors look-alikes while addressing that there was no value of locals in our country whereas, the international Garbage was highly appreciated. By Garbage he meant the international actors and specifically Turkish actors as he particularly posted pictures of people who resembled the cast of the famous Turkish show Diriliş: Ertugrul. 

It seems that Yasir’s comments haven’t gone well with the fans of Ertugrul who decided to give him a piece of their mind.  

Yasir Hussain on Calling Turkish Actors’ Garbage

 Yasir Hussain posted pictures of Pakistani people resembling the actors of Ertugrul the famous Turkish TV show which has a huge fan following in Pakistan. In the caption, he stated,  “Nobody will give them any attention because anything local is always devalued while even garbage from abroad is deemed valuable”.

So Karachi Se Lahor actor is of view that the media and Pakistani public have been admiring the work of international actors and artists rather than appreciating Pakistani showbiz industry. His opinion implies that Pakistan has always been preferring not just international actors and artists but also other stuff from outside Pakistan’s boundary. 

Ertugrul actors Esra Bligic and Enin Altan are engaged with Pakistanis in their capacity as brand ambassadors for various projects and products.

Anoushay Ashraf against Yasir Hussain

Well, Yasir Hussain didn’t face criticism from fans of Turkish actors but also from celebrities. As per the screenshots of a conversation between Anoushay Ashraf and Yasir, the actress Anoushay also didn’t seem to like the term garbage for Turkish actors. She opined that no one was garbage for no one and actors from all over the world must be respected. 

Yasir also replied to Anoushay Ashraf by correcting her that he never said anything about the Ertugrul actors but instead, he pondered why Pakistani considered their own products as Garbage whereas, they believed material provided by other countries to be valuable. For instance, Japanese Iron (istari), Australian Cutlery, and a number of other items were considered more preferable than our country’s produced and provided material. In his opinion, Pakistanis are supposed to change our mentality by withdrawing their affection and support for international actors and objects. 

Critics’ Furious Reaction

A particular reason why audiences turned against Yasir is that Ertrugul became very famous in Pakistan as the viewers of this drama increased drastically. The show was suggested by PM Imran khan during the lockdown. As the show became popular on YouTube, viewers became fans and they started to like and admire the characters and their acting to a great extent. Furthermore, the show invoked the viewers to form an emotional connection with it; due to which, Yasir became a victim of fans’ hatred and anger when he targeted Ertugrul’s cast by calling them ‘Garbage’ 

Previously, Yasir Hussain remained in the highlight when he proposed to Iqra Aziz during the lux style awards: there were a number of reactions by fans on the act of his proposal. Now this post on social media by him offended a good number of individuals. They are trolling and cursing him for his stunt on Instagram. Outraged individuals are inflicting their wrath on Mr. Yasir Hussain by trolling and disrespecting him on social media. They are calling him ‘garbage’ in the reaction of him calling international actors the same.

The supporters and fans of Turkish drama have given out their view on this statement. According to them, such a statement by the actor was merely an outcome of jealousy: they are  asserting that he is just a flop artist hence, contributing hatred towards international actors. 

Many of the offended personalities have come forth to school Yasir by using his own word garbage against him. They have posted pictures, made memes that portrayed him as trash. 

Fans have shown their love for Pakistani and Turkish actors; on the contrary, they are ashamed of such actors who call other artists ‘garbage’. Their affection towards Pakistani actors is beyond imagination but they are cursing Yasir Hussain for his opinion about international artists. 

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