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EU Presents Phased Out Brexit Strategy

The European Union has chalked out its Brexit strategy for negotiations with Great Britain. The verdict by EU is that it will start talks on trade deal once it sees sufficient progress on separation settlement with the UK.

Draft Guidelines for Phased Out Brexit Strategy

The European Union in its guidelines has proposed a phased out Brexit strategy. The EU argues that on the date of withdrawal Treaties with the UK will no longer apply to its overseas countries and territories, linked to the Union. Also, it will cover those territories with whom EU can have external relations.

The primary purpose of the Brexit negotiations is to ensure UK’s orderly withdrawal. This way there will be reduced uncertainty and minimization of disruption.

The first phase of the negotiations will aim to achieve the following.

  • To settle disentanglement of the UK from EU, including all rights and obligations the UK derives because of its commitments towards the European Union.
  • United Kingdom provides as much certainty and legality to its businesses, citizens, international partners, and stakeholders on immediate impacts of UK’s Brexit.

Once this progress is complete, as per the satisfaction of the European Union’s Council or as mentioned as “sufficient progress.” The EU will initiate Brexit negotiations to go to the next phase of Britain’s exit from the European Union.

What Does EU’s Phased Out Brexit Strategy Represent?

What Does EU’s Phased Out Brexit Strategy RepresentThese are some of the important points of Brexit strategy.

Trade Working

The document reads that preserving the integrity of single market access excludes participation based on a sector-by-sector approach. It probably means that all sectors will be given equal single market access without preference to any particular industry. It clearly dispels the notion of giving the UK’s car industry preferential treatment to the EU’s single market.

Divorce Brexit Bill

“A single financial settlement should ensure that the Union and the United Kingdom both respect the obligations undertaken before the date of withdrawal.”

The sentence clearly means settlement of all outstanding liabilities by the UK including contingent liabilities. As time progresses, Brexit strategy for negotiations will become more evident.

Who Will Negotiate Brexit?

“There will be no separate negotiations between the individual Member States and the United Kingdom.”

The European Union is cognizant of the UK’s possible attempt to try and separately negotiate with EU member states by dividing them. By putting it in legal binding language, EU is closing the doors on the UK to attempt separate negotiations. However, the UK may still try to separately discuss with other countries informally if not allowed to do it in an official capacity.

Timing of Brexit Negotiations

As mentioned above, Brexit negotiations are not expected to kick off very soon. EU has put forth the condition that it will first see the withdrawal of the UK from the EU satisfactorily before it can start negotiations. Now, the UK will not be able to talk about the trade straight away. Now, EU has involved the other 27 member states in determining the sufficient level of progress made.

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