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Euro 2020 Final: Can England End Its 55 Year Long Misery?

England made history by reaching Euro 2020 final after beating Denmark by 2-1 on 8th July 2021. This the first time Three Lions have made it to any final of the major championship since 1966. After all the years of pain and embarrassment, now it is the chance for the English team to seek redemption. Even though the nation is proud to claim itself as the football inventor, it has been one of the greatest underachievers. The last time they won against Germany in the 1966 World Cup final by 4-2 after extra time. Since that, they have been through a total of 26 World Cups and European championships including a few of which they didn’t even qualify for.

Even less glorified teams like Greece and Denmark have won champions in that period. England who has not been able to dominate the big stage now seeks to face Italy in the finals. That’s a hell of a challenge for England as Italy has been on a spectacular unbeaten run of 33 games. The last match Italy lost was at the 2018 UEFA Nations League against Portugal. On July 7, Italians beat Spain in the Semi-final by 4-2 on the penalties after the scoresheet remained 1-1 till the end of extra time.

When and where will be Euro 2020 Final?

The UEFA Euro 2020 final is going to take place in London, England at Wembley Stadium on Sunday, 11th July. It was originally planned for the last year in July but the COVID-19 pandemic prevented that from happening. The match will kick-off at 8 PM local time (BST) and will be broadcasted on TV channels and streaming services.

Fans who wish to attend the final will have to follow the coronavirus restrictions, set by the football authority. Spectators are expected to produce a negative Covid-19 result or proof of complete vaccination 14 days before arriving at the stadium.

How to Get Tickets?

For Euro 2020 final tickets, there has been a lot of disappointment going around as many fans who bought tickets last year, cannot use them due to reduced stadium capacities. Even now there are no tickets available on the official site of UEFA. When they were available, the price was as high as 945 Euros for Category 1 spectators and 95 Euros for those registered to the Fans First scheme. Category 2 and 3 tickets were 595 Euro and 295 Euro respectively.

If tickets do not become available on the official UEFA site, then resellers are the only way for fans to get their hands on tickets before time. Unfortunately, the prices will be astronomical on these reselling websites. According to the reports, someone was selling a pair for 15,000 GBP on eBay.

The Wembley Stadium’s capacity gradually increased throughout the tournament. It went from 22,500 in the group stages to 45,000 in the round-of-16 and then 60,000 for 2 semi-finals. It is expected that it could reach 90,000 for the final between England and Italy. If the capacity does increase then tickets are likely to become available on the official site.

Italy vs England History

In Euro 2020 final, England looks to topple Italy, which has proved to be a highly formidable side. Unlike England’s struggling campaign, Italy has easily brushed aside the likes of Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Wales, and the world’s no. 1, Belgium. Where English fans are chanting “Football is Coming Home”, the Italians are singing “Football is Coming Rome”.

Between both of these teams, there have been 27 games out of which England has won 8, Italy has won 11, while 8 were drawn.

Celebration in England

England is still one match away to back up its bravado but it hasn’t stopped the fans from expressing their excitement with the fact that England has finally reached the finals. They created innovative ways to celebrate the development like climbing on top of the overhangs of the tube stations’ entrances.

At some places, England supporters launched fireworks as they walked around singing and dancing on the streets. Reportedly, riot police made some arrests as well after the celebration started to cause financial damage.

UEFA has also charged the team of England after some incidents took place in its game against Denmark. One charge came because of a supporter flashing a laser pen in the face of Danish goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel when he was about to face a penalty by England’s Harry Kane. Moreover, it was also charged for the disturbance during the national anthem and the lighting of fireworks inside the stadium.

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