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Everything You Need to Know About Trump Wives

Donald Trump is unique in every way, including his use of Twitter for policy making and his unabridged criticism for everything. The list of wives and girlfriends of Donald Trump is long. However, we are only confining to his life partners.

Trump Wives

Here are the stories of the US President’s wives.

Ivana Trump

The first wife of the US President, Ivana will soon launch her book. She has written a book that looks into the President’s marriages and divorces.

Ivana and Trump met in New York while they were at the promotions of Montreal Games. They got married in 1977 and became socialites during the 1980s. They got three children from their marriage including Donald John Junior, Eric Frederick, and Ivanka Marie. However, their marriage came to a heartbreaking end after 14 years long journey. There are many rumors behind what might have happened between Trump ex-wife and himself. Some suggest his involvement with Marla Marples, is responsible for impacting his marital life.

However, it turned out good for Ivana later on. She has become a businesswoman with shares in Croatia’s most prominent newspaper. Also, she has published many books and ventured into beauty products, fashion jewelry, and clothing lines.

Everything You Need to Know About Trump Wives

Maria Marples

The rumors would eventually turn true when she became one of the Trump Wives. She was present at the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony, sitting in the front row. However, despite the love in the air, they could not remain together for more than six years. The two have one child together, Tiffany. She vehemently supports her daughter’s speeches.

The reasons for separation remain unclear to this day. However, many close to the family at that time believe they could not develop the sort of mental connection to stay committed.

Melania Trump

One of the most extensive relationships in Trump Wives is Melania Trump. She belonged to Slovenia and had changed her name when moving to the US.

Before meeting Donald Trump, she was a model. They dated for several years before making the big decision. They both got married in 2005 to have Melania Trump son Barron. Barron is now 11 years old and the youngest son of the US President.

Among other Trump Wives, Melania remains the most prominent one. In Melania’s Saudi Arabia visit she discussed empowerment of the women in that country. After Trump’s winning the election, many thought Melania was not very keen on playing an active role as the first lady. However, later she proactively took on social engagements and had hosted many events inside the White House. Besides other things, she has vowed to help fight against cyberbullying.  

When you see the Trump wife photos, it is difficult to ascertain who was the most beautiful. However, the US President did enjoy a very colorful life.

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