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Pakistani Students Speak Up Against Examiner Who Sexually Harassed Them

Pakistani female students have taken to social media to speak against the examiner who sexually harassed them during biology practical.

Sadat Bashir- Examiner Who Sexually Harassed Students

A Twitter account with username #PunishSadatBashir posted almost 18 testimonies of the students who took their biology practical examination under the invigilation of Sadat Bashir, the teacher accused of harassment.

According to the testimonies, the examiner behaved strictly so that he could take advantage of the student’s positions.

As one student narrates in her testimony which is also shared on the Twitter, thread

“I came to back my seat and couldn’t believe what just happened. I asked the girl next to me that did the examiner touch you inappropriately. And she said YEAH HE DID! He touched you too? I said yes. He was touching everyone, but I think they were too scared to talk about it. I and the girl were observing him. He was close to the other girls and touching them on their backs, legs, and chest. I was furious. We gathered the courage to tell our teachers. She said that she can’t do anything because there were three more groups left and if you get fail in practical you get fail in theory too. But I think if we raised our voices at that time, more girls wouldn’t have to go through.”

Here is the twitter thread that posted the confessions of victims.

The gruesome incident took place at the Bahria College E-8. According to post by a Facebook user Saba Ali, almost 80 girls became the victim of sexual harassment by Sadat Bashir.

Saba also shared her testimony along with the picture of the examiner who sexually harassed her fellow students during biology practical on May 24, 2018.

Sexual harassment is one the major issues that women are facing. And, Pakistani bloggers and activists who never stop to raise their voice when any such incident surfaces

The reaction of Pakistani Social Media Users

The thread about the testimonies of the students became viral as Pakistani Twitter user retweeted it with the #TimesUp and #MeToo.

Actor Usman Khalid Butt who never refrains from speaking his mind on any social issue that makes a trend in Pakistani social media, also retweeted the thread and encouraged the activists the speak up and spread the word.

MeToo Reaches Pakistan

Sexual harassment in Pakistan is not a new thing, as it is the case with rest of the world. MeToo that became the theme of Golden Globes Awards and echoed through social media has made women of the world stand against their victimization. Earlier, renowned Pakistani singer and actor Misha Shafi took to Twitter and spoke up against her fellow singer Ali Zafar for allegedly harassing her. And, now these Pakistani students took courage to debunk the examiner who sexually harassed them.

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