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Exercises for Lower Back Pain

The lower back pain is excruciatingly difficult to handle. The suffering of older patients can increase with age. There are different core body functions where lower back plays an important role. Let us have a look at some of the exercises for back pain relief.

Abdominal Exercise

Exercises for Lower Back PainIt is important that you should work on your Transverus Abdominis (TVA) when doing abdominal exercises. Maintain neutral lumbar spine and lie on your back with knees bent. Your feet and knees must be at shoulder width. Draw down your belly button inward by inhaling without disturbing your neutral spine posture. Exhale slowly while raising your head and shoulder slowly upwards towards the ceiling. You must hold your body in that position for a couple of seconds and then let go. This abdominal exercise will provide lower back pain relief.

Buttock Exercise

The patient needs to lie down on their stomach with legs and hips off the table. They need to extend their buttocks on one side and the leg upward. Tighten the buttock and stretch the leg towards the ceiling. Do the same exercise with the other side of the buttock and leg. Make sure your movements are slow. Buttock stretching is one of the best lower back pain relief exercise. It helps many of the hip pain causes. Make sure to ask your doctor when doing any of these lower back pain relief exercises.

Hamstring Muscle Stretch Exercise

The hamstrings help bend the knee and related group of muscles. These muscles assist in stretching without which we cannot sit straight. In this exercise, the patient needs to lie down and try to grab the leg behind the knee. The exercise can help provide lower back pain relief to the patients. Hamstring muscle stretch is one of the other useful lower back pain relief exercises.

Hip Pain Causes

There can be different hip pain causes. Some of the causes include broken or injured hip, dislocation, bursitis, snapping hip syndrome, or labral tear. Sometimes, arthritis can cause hip pain. Some other potential causes can include non-inflammatory arthritis, sprain, fracture, infectious arthritis, sciatica, and muscle strain.

Treatment for Lower Back Pain

The lower back pain treatment depends on the condition of the patient and the underlying cause. Sometimes, traditional methods of treatments including medication, physiotherapy, and exercise can help. At other times, the patient has to undergo hip replacement surgery if conventional treatments fail to deliver results.

What to do for Lower Back Pain?

In most cases, the lower back pain goes away in four to six weeks. However, if the pain does not subside with time, you need to get in touch with an orthopedic doctor. The doctor will run diagnosis to see the cause of the problem. The doctor will suggest a treatment for lower back pain relief. Surgery for the lower back pain treatment is the last option. The orthopedic doctor first advises the patient to undergo other methods of treatment.

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