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What is Expo 2020 Connecting Minds, Creating Future?

Expo 2020 Dubai is the first ever universal expo going to be held in the Middle East, Asia and South Africa (MESA) region. Two-third of the world’s population can reach Dubai within 8 hours. Hence, chances are high for millions of people to attend this expo that would continue for six months, starting from October 20, 2020, to April 2021. Almost 180 countries of the world are likely to participate in the event.

It was a success for U.A.E to win the bid as there were other potential host venues including Izmir in Turkey, Sao Palo in Brazil and Yekaterinburg in Russia. But holding the Expo 2020 in the Middle East would allow population and businesses of developing countries to benefit from mutual sharing of ideas.

Expo 2020 Connecting Minds Creating Future

The central theme of Expo 2020 is Connecting Minds Creating Future which means that fair would allow people and businesses to meet and share their ideas for finding solutions and promoting growth for an advanced future. The other sub-themes include Sustainability, Mobility, and Opportunity.

So Dubai Expo has following goals

  • To allow people of the world generally and the region mainly to meet and showcase their ideas and products
  • To create the opportunities in education, employment, industrial sector, financial sector and good governance
  • To facilitate the mobility of underprivileged communities and develop modern, tech-powered infrastructure to ensure smart transportation and communication
  • To promote the sustainable development by conserving the nature and threatened resources on the planet.

Dubai is already pioneering many innovation projects. It has recently introduced its concept of Drone Taxi Service. The Gulf state is already attracting investments in its lucrative Real Estate sector. It also plans to launch some landmark sustainable energy initiatives like its landmark Solar Power Project in Expo 2020.

Opportunities that Expo 2020 Can Offer

Dubai Expo has got a lot more opportunities for those “who want.” Because there is almost everything for everyone. The site venue is an area of 438 hectares that stretches midway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. According to estimate, the event needs services of no less than 30,000 volunteers. Youth from various schools and universities is eligible to offer its services, in a bid to explore the new growth horizons. The world fair would also provide job opportunities in the fields of Marketing and Communication, Internal Audit, Finance, Security, Sustainability, Operations, Contracts, Logistics, Human Resource, Bureau, Youth Connect, International Participants, Real Estate Delivery, Procurement and much more.

A platform for Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, SMEs, and Youth

Big corporate names are the official partners of Expo 2020. But the platform is going to offer a real opportunity for start-ups, entrepreneurs, SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and Youth. All these factors that are vital drivers of growth in their potential countries. They can learn from the experiences of leading firms, explore new horizons and benefit from the mutual sharing of ideas while exhibiting their portfolio to potential customers.


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