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The US Navy’s Version Of F-35 Is Now Combat Ready

According to media reports the US Navy announced that its version of the F-35 called the F-35C is operationally ready. The announcement came on Thursday shortly after the Navy’s first squadron of F-35s completed all the carrier qualification on the USS Carl Vinson

What’s So Different About the F-35C

According to the details released by the navy the F-35C has advanced early warning sensory system that allows it to detect and effectively combat various threats including missiles. The new version of the F-35 has a probe and drogue refueling capability with an enhanced fuel capacity of 20000 pounds to conduct long-range missions effectively.

The variant has foldable wingtips which allow it to take less space on carriers. Its enhanced and robust landing gear enable the aircraft carrier to catapult it from the flight deck . It has an internal 122 mm central gun.

What Are Boeing And US Navy’s Views Regarding the F-35

Vice Admiral DeWolfe Miller, commander of Naval Air Forces while talking to the media said that we are adding the world’s most effective and expensive weapons system into our arsenal. We do not doubt that its addition will further enhance our fighting capabilities.

Greg Ulmer, Lockheed Martin vice president and general manager of the F-35 program in a press release congratulated the US Navy for the induction of the first combat-ready squadron of F-35’s into the Navy. He further commented that both the US Defense Department and Lockheed Martin would continue to work closely to produce the best cutting edge weapons for the US armed forces.

The new F-35C provides all the lethalities of the standard F-35 and more without compromising safety. It is loved by the US President’s for its stealth and is ranked amongst the world’s most dangerous fighters  

Skepticism Revolving Around the F-35

Despite the continued assurances of the US Navy and resolving multiple problems regarding software, engine, and weapons.Experts continue to question the combat capabilities of the F-35. According to one expert the F-35 is nothing but a big fat flying duck that Is an easy target and is nothing but a waste of money.The Government should be more careful regarding its funding.

Different branches of the armed forces had requested Lockheed Martin to develop a variant of the F-35 to cater their need. So the F-35B was designed for the marines, F-35A for the US air force.

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