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What Do People Think about the FaceApp’s Age Filter

The FaceApp’s age filter is the latest social media trend, and people don’t seem to get enough of it. Folks belonging to all age groups are using it just to see how they would look a few years down the lines.

Here Are Some of the Mixed Reactions to FaceApp’s Age Filter

Some concerned users are criticizing this age filter from the point of view of data security.

Apps like these might be full of fun but like everything out there, they too have a dark side. For years tech giants have been trying to develop face recognition software that allows them to keep track or identify people regardless of their age. To train the AI (Artificial Intelligence) used in this recognition software, developers of this app have turned to social media platforms and come up with the weird things like the 10 year challenge, etc. Such trends might seem just another way to have fun on social media but they are more like an attempt to teach AI.

People are also quick to point out how this app can help someone to cheat on their partner.

The result some people got after running the face app was enough to freak them out

The Age Filter Couldn’t Fail Botox

When used on other animated or pictures that are not of a human being the results the app showed were not amazing but frightening.

What this app was going to do with people who continue to remain young in all the ages.

Social media users were also highlighting how predicting the future situation of some entities in the universe like Earth was possible without using such age filter things on FaceApp and it was no fun but actually alarming.

You Are Giving Your Information Voluntarily

The company that has developed the Face app application is entitled to keep the data of the users who use it. By now, more than 150 million people worldwide have used it. Their data and information is now their property, and they may do whatever they want with users’ information.

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