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Facebook is Going to Launch Clear History Tool This Year

While talking to media at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference Facebook chief financial officer David Wehner said that the company would launch the clear history tool this year as promised last year, the tool will allow users to clear the data collected by the social network through third operating parties.  

Why is Facebook Launching a Clear History Tool

After the Cambridge analytica investigation and facing data collecting limitations in Germany   Facebook is determined to win back user trust. According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the launch of this tool is Facebook’s proof that values the trust its user placed in it.

The clear history tool is similar to the clear history button in your internet browse said the Facebook CEO. Just like you use the clear history option in the browser to clear or erase your browsing history and other information this tool will do same and are hopeful this will help repair our image.

How exactly the new tool will work is not clear, but the user will be able to delete the information Facebook collects using its analytical tools and websites that have its add-on’s. The introduction of this tool will significantly affect Facebook ability in targeting user ads.

What Control Facebook Already Gives Its Users

While talking to the media, Wehner said that Facebook already gives the user some control on how their information will be used by allowing them to look at ads they like and dislike. Furthermore, Facebook already lets you decide whether you want to look at ads regarding marriage, alcohol, and relationship to mention a few.

The social media giant is also configuring changes as to how the third party will gain your information. The changes made will generate more transparency on how data collection occurs, what apps are collecting them and whether if the apps should stay in the Facebook ecosystem.

How The Clear History Tool May Affect Facebook’s Ads Effectiveness 

Facebook collects user data through its analytical tools and third parties. The introduction of this tool will limit the extent to which Facebook and its authorized third parties can gather user info. This will in return affect the effectiveness of targeted ads run on Facebook.

A user simply with the push of a button can delete all the information collected on him by Facebook. Regardless of what effect this may have on Facebook ads the CEO of the social media giant is adamant  that this is the best solution to the current  problem

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