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Why Facebook Daily Users Are Dropping Tremendously?

Certainly, Facebook’s popularity is facing a downfall as the years pass. The social media platform has been a great means of online socializing and fun, but it has been tough lately. Recently, the parent company of WhatsApp, Instagram, and FB, Meta, released its earnings report, which disclosed that a good number of Facebook daily users were dropped big time. There are multiple reasons for the decrease in the user count that the tech giant has yet to be figured out and disclosed. However, the reports predict a few causes that resulted in the decrease. 

What Does Earnings Report Say about Facebook Daily Users Drop? 

It looks like people are finally giving up on Facebook after years of controversies, lawsuits, and scandals associated with FB. The platform was the first-ever social media point after Yahoo and Orkut, where people used to have chat rooms to communicate with their peers. But FB gave people a whole new setting to have a different online socializing experience. It looks like the era of Facebook as the number one social network is fading away. On Wednesday, Meta’s recent earnings report for the fourth quarter of 2021 revealed that Facebook daily users dropped from 1.93 billion to 1.929 billion in the last two quarters of 2021. Also, this is the first time that Facebook has witnessed such a frequent daily user drop bomb. 

Possible Causes behind the Daily Users Drop

Reportedly, Facebook daily users dropping issue was inevitable due to some controversies that dragged its name in mud in the recent past. That includes the shocking things Facebook whistleblower had exposed. Frances Haugen testified against the tech giant and told the US Senate committee about how the company’s products and services are hazardous for kids. She also fixated on the mental health issues that Facebook and other related social media applications inflict on teenagers. 

Other than that, People almost started to imagine their life without Facebook when it was temporarily shut down for just six hours, but those few hours were enough to have a negative impact on its users.

Not Giving Up on Facebook 

Despite the technical reasons, one, in particular, is the existence of alternative apps and sites, including Instagram and Snapchat, that are much more popular than Facebook. Users find the alternatives advanced and compatible to use as compared to Facebook. Reportedly, the people with older accounts are just using FB to have a nostalgic effect since the platform reminds them of simpler times. 

Also, the Facebook daily Users have not dropped that much. According to the reports presented by Meta, the geographical drop lies with Latin America and Africa only. The rest of the world is still relying on FB for socializing, working, and having fun.

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