Top-Level Government Officials Urge Facebook to End Users’ Data Encryption

Ending Users' Data Encryption

High-level government officials in an open letter have urged the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg to end users’ data encryption as it may become a hindrance for them in providing justice.

Officials Asking Facebook to End Users’ Messages Encryption

According to a recent announcement by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg the social media giant after careful consideration and rising privacy concerns amongst its users, has started encrypting users data a decision which has not been welcomed by various top-level government officials

In a letter to Facebook CEO signed by the Barr, acting US Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan, UK Home Secretary Home Priti Patel, and Australian Minister for Home Affairs, Peter Dutton highlighted that the social media giants actions would facilitate criminals by preventing law enforcement agencies access to their data.

Give Us A Backdoor Access

Particular concerns were raised regarding perverts and child abuser who often use social media platforms to target under aged kids to fulfill their perverted needs. The official requested that the government be given backdoor access to user data to combat these concerns effectively. After the Cambridge analytical scandal and multiple reports of hackers successfully hacking or stealing user data Facebook has taken various initiatives to win back user trust.

Facebook’s Response

A press statement released by Facebook read, “we acknowledge the law enforcement concerns regarding security, but we also cannot undermine our responsibility to ensure and safeguard the privacy of our users; hence, we are opposed to giving the government backdoor access to user data. However, wantto develop a stable platform where the concerns of the user and law enforcement are addressed appropriately.”

Human rights activists have also strongly opposed the concept of giving government back door access as it will be a blatant violation of privacy laws, thereby rendering privacy a complete illusion.

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