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What Will Happen After Facebook Merges Instagram and WhatsApp

Facebook’s possible integration of its messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp, is making headlines. The development has already raised concerns among users regarding data security and friendly usage of these apps.

What is the Nature of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Merger

According to media reports. Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp; all three will remain the standalone apps even after the merger but their users will be able to communicate with each other. Or a person who is on WhatsApp but not on Facebook will be reportedly able to communicate a Facebook user. So, we can assume that Facebook will establish a core connection between all three apps so that they can be utilized by a single app user.

The project is likely to complete by the end of 2019, as reported by NYT.

Why Users Are So Concerned about It

Mark Zuckerberg while acquiring Instagram and WhatsApp had reportedly stated that both apps will remain autonomous. But, now it seems that there might be some users data sharing between the apps; something that may compromise the users’ interests. For example, WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption system is much popular. But, users are not sure if they will be able to utilize the same feature after Facebook merges its messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.

People are just fearing that Facebook will now use WhatsApp’s encrypted messages and other data to monetize it,

The news has not received a welcoming response from the users so far.

The move is simply facing huge criticism from the users.

Facebook is already struggling to come out of its Cambridge Analytica controversy. Now, when it is likely to merge Instagram and WhatsApp, users are concerned how social media giant will deal with the data of other two apps users.

Well, the data security argument might not be that much valid. Because Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp; all three have the same owner, even if they are not integrated. But, how this integration will work and do better to the users is beyond understanding.

Why the Facebook Is Taking Its Initiative

Facebook may be looking at utilizing all three apps to compete with Apple’s iMessage and Google. The company seems to target the businesses who want to reach a bigger audience for their adds.

The purpose of integration might be to tackle the data handling at one place instead of monitoring it from different platforms, or may have something to do with easing the operations, but users really have reservations how their data will be visible to users of other platforms, even if Facebook has no intentions to manipulate it.

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