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How Facebook Metaverse Will Reshape Social Media Interaction

The widely known social media application, Facebook is going to reconsider its name. The company has decided to go with a new name due to various reasons. The platform confirmed that the big change will be due to rebranding purposes. Reportedly, the rebranding will be a fresh start in order to wipe out all the dirt that has been ruining the reputation of the firm. The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t revealed the new name yet. However, he will update the world about it soon. Now the real question is about the Facebook metaverse and its link with the whole name-changing concept. Apparently, the tech giant is willing to focus on something futuristic and extraordinary in order to enter the dimensions of innovations.  

Mark Zuckerberg Plans to Change Social Media through Facebook Metaverse

According to reports, Facebook is taking an unexpected initiative so that it could stay focused on a new beginning termed as the Metaverse. To be precise, Facebook Metaverse might be the term that users need to think about. Mark Zuckerberg stated in July regarding the future of Facebook and the virtual metaverse. He expressed how it will change people’s perspective of socializing virtually. He presented the idea of VR Metaverse in which the users will have a virtual life by playing, working, communicating with each other. In September, the company announced more than 10,000 employees have worked on creating hardware like AR glasses for the new VR world. Zuckerberg claimed that after the completion of the project, the hardware will be as normalized as people use smartphones today.

What is The Horizon Worlds?

The Facebook Metaverse will be a VR platform seemingly known as the Horizon Worlds that will be operated as a workroom by the users where they will be using gadgets including AR glasses and microphones. It will be more like a game where people will choose avatars and their characters will be part of virtual reality. To get a better idea of what might be the Horizon Workrooms, movies like Free guy and one player ready are the best references to understand the concept.

Why Is Facebook Keen on Replacing the Platform’s Concept?

As the world already knows that Facebook has been trying to make its way out of criticism and bad reputation due to notorious past events. Just like recently, the platform was dealing with legal questioning since a Facebook whistleblower had exposed the internal documents. Before that, the public went crazy with bad mouthing about the social media crash. Moreover, the tech giant has also faced financial issues in Russia.

The piled-up problems for the platforms must have had a deep impact on the platform. However, most of the problems that the social media giant has faced are due to its practice of handling users’ data. Introducing AR to provide an immersive experience can change over the screen interactions but there still is ambiguity about how social media giant plans to shape the algorithms for better in order to get away with the accusation of bias.

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