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Facebook Secretly Launches Colorful Balloons in China

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is well versed with the strict internet censorship policies of China. Therefore, it is trying a different way of getting into this big market. Besides arranging meetings with Chinese Politicians, and learning Mandarin, Mark Zuckerberg wants to enter the Chinese market through an app. Therefore, Facebook has introduced a new mobile application with the name Colorful Balloons.

A Bit about Colorful Balloons

The new Colorful Balloons application, as per the inside sources, shares the look and feel of Facebook’s Moments application. Facebook, as per reports, has used the services of a local company to introduce this app. There were no indications of Facebook behind this application.

Why Would Facebook Try to Release an App This Way?

Well, Facebook knows the importance of China. It is one of the largest markets for the online smartphone users. Therefore, Mark Zuckerberg is willing to go to any lengths to break into this market. It also shows the big tech giant’s intent to accept strict Chinese internet censorship policies.

Foreign companies, including Facebook and Google, have struggled in the past to find a strong foothold in China. Estimates suggest over 700 million smartphone users make online purchases of over $750 billion each year. However, instead of the Silicon Valley giants satiating their online buying demands, they have relied on local companies.

Facebook Secretly Launches Colorful Balloons in ChinaWould It Be That Easy?

No, Facebook has a long and constant struggle when it comes to finding a place for itself in China. The social media giant got banned in 2009. Its other product Instagram is also not accessible to the Chinese public. Only last month Facebook’s WhatsApp saw a partial blockade in China. Facebook has over 2 billion users around the world. It is still not happy and naturally, wants more users. China is the best place to get hundreds of millions of more users in just one region.

What Does Facebook Want from Colorful Balloons?

Facebook is not shying away from the launch of Colorful Balloons. The company maintains that it intends to learn about the users and how they interact with online technologies in China. However, it remains to be seen if Facebook will get a chance to come on the front.

Since the word about Colorful Balloons is out, it is unclear if all Chinese internet regulators were aware of Facebook supporting it. Some suggest Facebook may have done an under-the-table deal. If true, it will irk a strong reaction from the Communist Party of China.

China follows a harsh internet censorship policy. The last month’s blocking of VPNs on iOS exhibits the Chinese government’s will to control the internet with an iron fist.  

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