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Facts about the United States of America

The United State of America never fails to amaze the world with stunning facts about its people, government, history, and impact on the inhabitants of this globe. Every country and every nation in the world has exciting stories to tell, but few of them manage to steal the limelight. The fact that the United States of America is the superpower in the world, prompts the people to dig out more interesting information about this place.

Facts about the United States of America

Here are few unique facts about the US.

  1. The US got independence from Britain on July 2, 1776. But the country celebrates its independence on July 4, as John Hancock put the signatures on the declaration on the same day.
  2. German was the second most spoken language in the United States, until WWI.
  3. America funded almost 81% of International Space Station. Other nations who contributed are Russia, EU, Japan and Canada.
  4. According to a 2015 report, more than 100 Walmart products carried a fake Made in US label, despite being from other countries.
  5. In the United States of America, the cost of college textbooks has risen more than the cost of housing and medical services, since 1978.

Amazing Things about American President

POTUS (President of the United States), always remains a center of global attraction for his crucial rank. The private life of the political leaders in America becomes a matter of public interest just like showbiz celebrities. Just take the example of headlines about Donald Trump wives and other affairs of his personal life.

Here are few interesting facts about the US president.

  1. According to stats being President is the deadliest job in America. Almost 4 out of 45 American presidents have been assassinated.
  2. There has never been a female president in America.
  3. Grover Cleveland was the American president who had served as a Hangman.
  4. Abraham Lincoln was also an entrepreneur. He owned a saloon that didn’t become successful.

Facts about American People and Their Believes

  1. The Suicide rate in the United States of America is 10.85% per 100,000 people. The murder rate in the country is 5.8 percent per 100,000 people. So, suicide is one of the leading causes of death in America.
  2. American people disapprove of atheism more than Muslims and Homosexuals.
  3. 69% Firefighters in the United States of America are volunteers.
  4. The American nation ranks on top of the list of people who are most likely to help the strangers.
  5. Americans also make up for a country of Pizza eaters. Stats reveal that annual pizza sales in America reach one billion. Interestingly, every day the people of United States of America eat 100 acres of Pizza.
  6. Many people in Hawaii don’t believe themselves to be the US citizens. They consider the Island as the Hawaiian Kingdom.
  7. US citizens can claim to occupy an unclaimed Island as long as it has a bat’s poop or seabird flying over it.

the United States of Americat

Only in the United States of America

There are so many things in which America ranks first. Here are few interesting facts about humanmade structures and natural landscape of America.

  1. The basketball court on the fifth of the Supreme Court building is the highest court in the land.
  2. The French Broad, the New and the Susquehanna are in the United States of America. These are three of the five oldest rivers in the world.
  3. The US Airforce is the World’s largest air force. Further, the US Navy and Marine corps combine to make for the world’s largest force. The US Navy Seal training is also considered as the most stringent military training.
  4. Water in Lake Superior is enough to cover the North and South America up to one foot.
  5. Houston is the home to world’s tallest battle monument.
  6. Georgia is the origin of Miniature Golf.
  7. Pentagon, the headquarters of American Army is the largest office building in the world.
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