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Social Media Shares Fahad Mustafa Memes over BTS Scene

Famous Pakistani actor and game show host Fahad Mustafa has made it in the crosshairs of the BTS army. He recently revealed his dislike for the Korean pop band, which didn’t go down well on the internet. Vengeful fans responded with scathing comments against the actor, calling him out for being rude and disrespectful. Many also shared funny Fahad Mustafa memes to make fun of his thrashing by the K-pop fans.

The star cast of Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad, Fahad Mustafa and Mahira Khan appeared in an interview while promoting their film, which is coming in cinemas on 9 July. He talked about his daughter’s love for BTS, which he wasn’t happy about. When the host asked him if he had ever listened to the band, to which he said, “HELL NO!”. He also said he didn’t know how to pronounce the band’s name, but his daughter could speak Korean. The actor also seemed mad about the fact that his daughter could speak a foreign language but not her mother language, Sindhi. Mahira Khan also added to the conversation, saying that K-pop and K-dramas were “big things” that she hadn’t seen.

Fahad Mustafa Memes Say all About the Situation

Soon after the interview, social media became a battleground for the BTS army to lay the smackdown on Fahad Mustafa. Some said he was a stereotypical example of a “desi mard” who completely “loses his sh*t” over any BTS mention. They said Pakistani men hate BTS because they did not ooze toxic masculinity like them. Some also called Fahad a “flop actor” who felt insecure because of 7 teenage boys. Similarly, many others targetted the actor for hating their favourite singers and made him trending on social media. Whoever opened the trend got to enjoy Fahad Mustafa memes by the BTS army.

The way K-pop lovers snapped at Fahad for hating BTS was also enjoyable for many. They referred to the famous Adnan Siddique meme to explain the situation. The heated comments against the actor showed how Pakistani fans respected foreign talent more than Pakistan’s. They questioned who was Fahad Mustafa for criticizing one of the best bands in the world. They also mentioned how most Pakistanis were racists and intolerable toward Korean pop music and dramas. They said they loved BTS because they spread the message of love, unlike Fahad, who was spewing hate against a globally famous band.

Fahad disregarded his daughter’s interest, which troubled many social media users. They argued he should have at least respected his daughter’s will rather than calling her out for speaking Korean better than Sindhi. Fans felt sorry for thier BTS army member for having a father like Fahad Mustafa.

Fahad looked like a sick person to many due to his hateful comments. He received “get well soon” messages after social media diagnosed him with jealousy.

Why does Pakistan’s Youth Love BTS so Much?

The funny Fahad Mustafa memes also show how some Pakistani viewers are tired of watching similar TV shows with repeating stories. They claimed that the low quality of local content led them to be attracted to Korean shows, which are way more creative. Korean music and TV shows are revered internationally, while Pakistani content hardly gets recognized. Fans advised Fahad to improve local content rather than criticizing others. Pakistani artists trash-talking international actors is another reason the BTS army targets Fahad Mustafa. He did the same thing Yasir Hussain did in 2020 by calling Ertugrul stars garbage.

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