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The Secret Behind Fake News Becoming Word of the Year

Is there such a thing as fake news? Yes, we are not faking, fake news is real. It means, yes it does exist, and it can misinform you.

Collins Dictionary Lexicographers on Fake News

The Collins Dictionary has declared it as the word of the year. So, the word has become a lot more important, getting interest from all directions.

Why Word of the Year?

The lexicographers of Collins Dictionary say that there is an increase of 365% in the word “fake news” during the year 2016.

So What Made This Word “Famous”?

We know Donald Trump and his tendency to term every other news organization as not real. His tweets often refer to the allegations that he confronts on a regular basis. The coveted references to the ongoing investigation into his connections with Russia usually resulted in a lot of controversies.

This word is used in the past as well, particularly more frequently since 2015. However, the usage becomes widespread and viral this year.

Other Words Competing for Space

Fake News was not the only word making rounds for “word of the year” competition. Here are some of the words that hotly contested for space.

The Secret Behind Fake News Becoming Word of the YearEcho Chamber

An echo chamber is a social media ecosystem of like-minded people. So, if you are one of them, they will likely accept your opinion without arguing with you about it. Thus, when you are in your echo chamber, you can share without worrying.


There is a fast rise of anti-fascist protests across the world, particularly in the United States. Therefore, there is an increase in the use of the word Antifa.


Corbynmania is a word which reflects the enthusiasm and belief that people have in Jeremy Corbyn as a political leader. The term first becomes public in 2015 and famous again in 2017.


Gender-fluid is a term given to a person who does not define themselves by a particular gender. Typical words that describe the word gender-fluid include DJ, artist, and actor among others.

Cuffing Season

The time between autumn and winter, when single people are looking for life-long relationships to settle down. It means seeking serious relationship opportunities while avoiding casual engagements.

Fidget Spinner

The ban of the fidget spinner in the UK schools did not deter them from finding more about it. The toy has become even more famous among children and adults alike.

Gig Economy

An economic setup where no one has any permanent employment opportunities. Instead, everyone working relies on freelance or temporary work. Similarly, companies are also using these temporary workers to get the job done.


Insta refers to the photo-sharing social media platform Instagram. Therefore, the next time you hear someone ask you for your insta, they want to know your Instagram.

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