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This Man Gets Schooled for Comparing Virginity to Seal on Juice Package

There is no myth like ‘virginity’ and unfortunately many people including men and women don’t seem to understand it. Recently, a Twitter post just debunked society’s flawed perceptions regarding this subject matter. The user just compared virginity to seal on Juice bottle and got schooled for objectifying women in the name of teaching how to live with dignity.

Comparing Virginity to Seal on Juice Bottle

Here is the tweet that sparked the debate on whether it is appropriate to judge a woman’s chastity merely on the basis of a physical attribute or not.

First of all comparing a woman’s character with a bottle of juice was too outrageous. It was similar to using the example of ants going for unwrapped lolly pop while leaving the wrapped one to demonstrate how covering face or taking hijab was necessary for women’s protection. Like, seriously do you really think that woman are a sweet object like a lolly pop and not a human being with desires?

Nighat Dad, a human rights activist and a lawyer, was so right to point out this misogyny that seems nothing more than objectifying women.

Twitter Users Slammed the Guy for his Flawed Example

Hasnain who tweets from @anjanmundaa might have wanted to explain how necessary it was for women to save their chastity but he ended up showing a contemptuous behavior to opposite gender.

In his thread he even tried to justify how he didn’t want to discriminate against women and also didn’t include widows and divorced in his example.

By looking at thread still doesn’t satisfy the concerns on whether this guy’s opinion was only for women or it was also for men. In the very beginning he addressed his sisters, whom he thinks just a bottle of juice and not a person.

So, in his excitement to teach lesson on chastity and importance of preserving one’s dignity this guy has even forgotten that women are human beings and not a bottle of juice.

The Flawed Concept of Virginity

It is very unfortunate that our society decides the character of a woman on the basis of hymn (which is merely a membrane). What many people don’t know that a hymn doesn’t necessarily disintegrates as a result of sexual intercourse but it can rupture as consequence to physical trauma. Very often girls who are active in sports tend to lose their virginity in very early stages. Further, sedentary lifestyle and eating unhealthy and impure food also results in disintegration of hymn and there are several researches available on this subject.

So, if a woman is not virgin despite being unmarried then this doesn’t mean that she is not chaste enough. Briefly, the society needs to stop relying on stereotypical standards of a woman’s character that reduce her to merely an object of desire and not a person.

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