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Family Guy Scene about Pakistan Super League Teams Becomes Popular

Family Guy Season 19 premiered on FOX yesterday (27th September) and gave a little surprise to Pakistanis. It seems that the enmity between two bustling cities of this cricket crazy nation has now gained international popularity. Both teams presented a great competition at PSL while their fans battled with each other on social media. The show depicted the same Karachi Kings vs Lahore Qalandars fued at the beginning of the episode.

This made Pakistani cricket fans further crazy because a popular television show recognized Pakistani cricket. Some Lahore Qalandars supporters were shown trying to claim bragging rights while one of main characters hid his Karachi Kings jersey to avoid taking part in hooliganism.

Funny Family Guy Scene on Lahore Qalandars vs Karachi Kings

Pakistanis cracked up with the Family Guy’s joke about cricket. They believe that PSL has finally made it big time by appearing in a TV show which is hit worldwide.

Lahore Qalandars’ supports were extremely happy with the mention of their team’s name. According to popular opinion, this team has not achieved much in PSL, however, their owner Fawad Rana and supporters have enjoyed every contest wholeheartedly. It is due to the cricket craze that is amplified by the PSL tournament. Fans wonder if the Family Guy has awarded their love for the game of cricket or made made an attempt to cash on Pakistani audience.

While they were happy for the inclusion of PSL franchises in the animated series, some of them pointed out that the accent is rather funny and does not represent the one which is heard around Lahore.

Some reckoned that Family Guy stereotyped Indian accent and ignored Pakistani aesthetics in their character.

Avid viewers of Family Guy know that the series is all about inciting laughing gags on modern affairs. Cricket is not very popular in the US but they also do not miss any chance to make a joke about the game. The hit animated series have made cricket jokes in multiple episodes.

PSL Craze Goes International

The introduction of PSL was revolutionary for Pakistani cricket after it suffered a setback due to terrorist attack on Sri Lankan team in 2009. International players (in limited numbers) also started coming back to the country to play in different local teams.

This boosted the morale of players along with the fans who were totally overwhelmed with the joy. Luckily there was less chaos and destruction but it did start a bitter rivalry between competing cities of Pakistan. 

Family Guy’s acknowledgment of this craze shows that cricket might be able to gain popularity in the US someday. Here’s another episode with cricket but the show got it so wrong.

Wicket keeper without pads, fine-leg fielder wearing a helmet, the umpire’s location, the huge No-Ball, and running between wickets after hitting a six shows that Americans still need to learn a lot about cricket.

What is Family Guy All About?

The animated series on FOX is written by Seth MacFarlene who also gave a voice to three main characters of the show; Peter Griffin, Stewie Griffin, and Brian (the dog). Other lead cast members include Alex Borstein as Lois Griffin, Seth Green as Chris Griffin, and Mila Kunis as Meg Griffin.

The show revolves around the adventures of Griffin family who is led by Peter and Lois as parents. The ignorant Peter and stay-at-home wife Lois have three outrageous children and a highly skilled dog. Their eldest kid daughter Meg is social outcast, the teenage boy is sexually confused, and the little baby Stewie is helbent on destroying the world starting with killing his mom.

Brian the Dog is relatively sane who tries to keep little Stewie from succeeding in his plans while focusing on his own stuff; drinking and writing.

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