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Famous Pakistan Cream Brand Fined

In Pakistan, businesses usually do not follow the health standards in manufacturing different personal products. Similarly, the skin care cream related products have seen a gross neglect. The UK, like many other European countries, has strict standards when it comes to health and safety of the consumers.

There was a crackdown by the London Trading Standards on various consumer products, reported BBC News. A lot of these products fall into the category of personal care and offer a “skin whitening” or “skin beautifying” solution. The fine totalled a gross sum of £168,579, averaging £11,239 for each of the businesses. It was a coordinated campaign resulting in getting hold of hundreds of other similar products.

Why Skin Care Products Have Been Targeted?

Skin Care Products Have Been Targeted

The most common impact of long-term use of these products is skin discoloration or thinning. Even worse, they could also cause skin damage or cancer. The Trading Standards reported finding 18% of hydroquinone, a bleaching agent. Similarly, Faiza Beauty Cream contained around 0.54% of toxic mercury, a worryingly serious amount that can also cause cancer. Although the crackdown was only in London, unfortunately, many of these creams are still selling like hot cakes in Lahore, Pakistan. Authorities need to seriously consider checking each of these products’ contents to know if they are safe for use.

We Needs Better Standards, Implementation & Transparency

Either we take food related items, beauty solutions or many other products, quality standards have not been up to the mark. There has been action against many, like in the case of the restaurants which were not up to the mark regarding quality. However, many competing business organisations complained of no transparency and particular action. The government needs to take serious action against all those who are risking the lives of millions just to earn money. Otherwise, if things do not remain in check, they can cause massive damage to the public health. Public health may not be taken seriously in less developed countries. It is indeed a matter of prime concern for countries like the UK. The health standards are really high and they apply to all kinds of personal use products.

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