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Here Is the List of Famous People and Celebrities with Coronavirus

COVID-19 has become a grave pandemic and it is taking its toll on the entire world. Apart from commons the number of high-profile cases and celebrities with coronavirus is growing every day. Following renowned people are confirmed to have been affected:

Hollywood Celebrities with Coronavirus

  • Olga Kurylenko

Olga Kurylenko is the latest addition in the list of celebrities with coronavirus disease. She is famously known for her sensational character in James Bond: Quantum of Solace. Bond girl released a statement on instagram, confirming the infection and advising fans to take the pandemic seriously and stay safe.

  • Kristofer Hivju

The tough and daunting Tormund was able to fend off the army of the dead but could not do much against the deadly pandemic. Hivju is self-isolating along with family. He is  comforting fans by saying that they are in good health but lot of people are at higher risk for a worse diagnose, so everyone must keep themselves safe.

  • Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson

The couple was infected with virus in Australia while working on Elvis Presley biopic. They decided to complete their isolation right there in Australia. Later, they  released a statement on social media to assure their safety for the fans.

  • Idris Elba

The ‘Thor’ actor is also among the famous celebrities with coronavirus found recently. Elba updated the fans about his good health but failed to confirm the location of exposure. The Black Superman of Hobbs and Shaw, was found taking a picture with Sophie Trudeau at Women Empowerment 2020 event on 4th March. It is possible that these two cases are interconnected but remain unconfirmed yet.

Sports Personalities infected with coronavirus

  • Rudy Gobert

Rudy Gobert is a living example of ‘karma comes to bite us in the back’. He discovered COVID-19 after intentionally mocking the virus by touching microphones in a press conference. He used to touch other players and their things before learning that he’s infected. Rudy apologized for his careless behavior but it was too late then. Rudy is also responsible for transmitting virus to a little kid who came to him for autograph.

  • Donovan Mitchell

Rudy’s teammate, Donovan Mitchell is most furious at him because he was the first teammate to attract virus from him.

  • Christian Wood

A Detroit Pistons player became another victim of Rudy Gobert and coronavirus. It was Detroit vs Utah when virus caught Rudy and Wood. Reportedly, Rudy transmitted the virus to Wood when they were tussling for the ball on the field.

  • Daniele Rugani

Daniele Rugani plays as a Center Back for Italian Football Club, Juventus. Cristiano Ronaldo was rushed into self-isolation after learning that his teammate was infected with the virus. Due to Rugani’s infection, people were duly worried about Ronaldo as well. According to media reports, Rugani is feeling much better and he never had any severe symptoms.

  • Mikel Arteta

Mikel Arteta is Arsenal F.C.’s head coach who has always remained in good spirit even in bad circumstances. Arsenal boss is said to be in good spirit once again and is fully optimistic about his successful recovery. His illness has caused  other club members to self-isolate as well along with all of the first-team.

  • Callum Hudson-Odoi

Chelsea winger has become the first English Premier League player to test positive for coronavirus. Chelsea team has confirmed the positive test results and isolated all the members the victim came in contact with.

Other Famous People infected with coronavirus

  • Janet Broderick

She is a sister to Matthew Broderick, who voiced adult Simba in a classic animated film, The Lion King. Matt explained that her sister was in intensive care before being on the mend from this deadly disease. Janet is a pastor with one religious group and she contracted coronavirus while attending a conference in State of Kentucky, USA.

  • Sophie Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau was the first politician to be isolated due to his wife being infected with the virus. PM himself has not shown any symptoms of virus but mentioned that his wife developed flue like symptoms upon returning from UK.

  • Unnamed Crew Member of Riverdale

Popular CW show has shut  down the whole season after a crew member has tested positive for coronavirus. The unnamed crew member is reportedly receiving medical evaluation. This person may not be so relevant for the list of celebrities with coronavirus but his illness has caused many popular shows including Riverdale to stop production.

  • Lucian Grainge

Chairman and CEO of Universal Music is unfortunately hospitalized after getting exposed to coronavirus. This news is developing discomfort among other industry players like Tim Cook and Eddy Cue, who attended Grainge’s birthday celebration on Feb 29. Grainge was diagnosed with COVID-19 shortly after that day.

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